Actiu convention 2011

February 2011 | News

Once more, Actiu Technological Park has been the meeting point to study and discuss about the current situation in the working and contract equipment sector. During several days, the company has met the Spanish sales team to expose the new support tools, sales strategies and projects to boost the company name to collaborate with the prescribers World.

The new products and the new management programmes have been the main points to speak about in these days. The firm will launch Actiu capacity to offer solutions in the equipment of industries, health, education, contract, airports, and transport terminals.

Actiu showed to all the sales team the last projects where Actiu has participated with specific products developed for each project and the standard products that have made possible to be present in important World Wide projects; projects for Coca-Cola or Banco Santader in Santiago de Chile, the new Learning Hospital La Fe in Valencia, The chamber of commerce in París, the offices in the new Terminal of Heatrow airport in London or the expansion of the Hospital Vall d'Hebron in Barcelona are some of the projects developed in 2010 and give us the illusion to participate in more projects for this year 2011.

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