Gaia by Actiu®: smart, healthy and efficient spaces that connect with people

April 2021 | News

Smartly managing workspaces with a view to improving well-being and productivity has been important for some time, although now more so than ever. Optimising how space is used and fostering energy efficiency is not just good for employees, it is also good for companies and their profits.

At a time when organisations need to attract talent and inspire staff so that they can safely go back to the office, monitoring the working environment for maximum comfort and well-being is also of the utmost importance.

To achieve this, Gaia by Actiu® was developed; a smart platform for healthy and efficient high-performing spaces that incorporates sensors into the work environment to gather data on how it is used and the conditions of the environment, providing valuable data to facilitate making changes in order to improve how it is used. This, together with greater energy efficiency, cuts down on costs while safeguarding people's health because the better the conditions, the greater the comfort and well-being.  

However, Gaia is not limited to providing only numbers and graphs, it gives quantifiable knowledge to facility managers and companies in search of more organised, sustainable and balanced environments. Furthermore, it does so through simple sensors that are incorporated into the furniture with their own communication system, guaranteeing both anonymity and security in data processing. 

The platform monitors parameters such as space occupancy, temperature, humidity, light, sound, carbon dioxide levels and airborne particles, including data analysis, chart management, visualisation and information on the floor plan and monitoring thereof. It also improves people's safety by providing relevant data to ensure social distancing measures are adhered to while controlling density in open areas and meeting rooms. 

Furthermore, from the user's point of view, Gaia has a mobile app which enables users to search, reserve, evaluate available spaces and services, report issues, as well as to receive a feed of content and manage alerts. 

Gaia by Actiu® brings together Actiu'smore than 50 years' experience designing solutions to improve the people´s well-being in their interaction with workspaces. It is also the result of the knowledge acquired by the company in its processes of being awarded the LEED and WELL Platinum certifications.

Just as the Gaia hypothesis itself suggests that the presence of life on Earth fosters conditions suitable to maintain the biosphere, Gaia by Actiu®, awarded Best innovative solution at the City Awards as part of the international architecture and city Open House Madrid 2020 festival, behaves as a self-regulating system that seeks balance through connecting people with the environment.


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