Second Act, a new opportunity for surplus raw materials

December 2021 | News

The philosophy of selecting, treating, as well as recycling and reusing these raw materials determines aspects as relevant as sustainability, commitment to the territory and respect for natural resources.

Second Act is the new initiative by Actiu that promotes the principle of the circular economy and local craftsmanship at the same time, two aspects that have been part of the company's DNA for more than fifty years.

"{Twice} Upon a time" is the slogan of this initiative that seeks to give a new life, a sustainable second chance, to the leftover fabric from all the upholstery processes that Actiu develops at the Actiu Technology Park.

Now, in collaboration with the creative team at Coba Complements, that surplus fabric is being reused in the form of toilet bags, tote bags, computer cases and backpacks, among other personal accessories designed to add value and facilitate life and daily work from anywhere. Limited edition products with a history behind them, but also with a new future ahead of them.

Time {and time again}

Collection of accessories made from reclaimed fabrics


The specialty of these artisans is recovering fabric to create local products that combine first-rate materials and artisan craftsmanship, helping to boost the local economy and reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions into the atmosphere.

According to initial calculations, creating 1,000 toilet bags from leftover upholstery fabric saves 65 square metres of fabric. A savings that prevents 1.6 tonnes of CO2 from being released.

A mentality that coincides with the Actiu culture, which addresses sustainability from materials, production, recycling and even its own facilities that have been certified with the Leed and Well Platinum seals that recognise the company's headquarters as a healthy and sustainable space.

Renewable energies, water tanks, recycled materials, recyclable products and fabrics created from plastic bottles are just some of the qualities that define Actiu. Hence, the manufacture of its pieces of furniture have a higher added value and a lower carbon footprint than that of other similar products.

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