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October 2009 | Company

On 30th October, the Technology Park was visited by different business owners from Important Associations in the timber sector; CONFEMADERA, FEDERMUEBLE and AEMMA.

As part of this event, a forum was organised to analyse and debate the Timber Sector in our country, examining new business projects, which will provide strong support and represent a major commitment to the future of the sector. One of the most burning issues discussed was the subject of regulations and certificates our customers must comply with in order to have greater international presence.

Vicente Berbegal gave a presentation about Actiu, reviewing his personal and professional career and the different strategies that for over 40 years have been developed by the company. In general, all the participants shared experiences and very interesting business projects that shore up a promising future.

The result was very positive for all participants in this event, concluding that strategies that promote R&D and Innovation and strengthen brands will be one of the best paths to follow in these difficult times. The event came to a close with a lunch.

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