UKA, balance between design and functionality

Juny 2013 | News

UKA, a chair created for communities, fun, functional and very visual which has found her place amongst her older sisters, other more sophisticated and technologically advanced models.

It's designer Marcelo Alegre from AlegreIndustrial Studio tells us, “At that time we were looking for a chair with the 'balanced' concept which we could use, install and share in any environment to use. UKA is an innovative and attractive design which fits in any space and with easy storage, due to the design which allows you to stack the chairs to occupy the least space possible”.

UKA comes in five different models; four legs, four legs with castors, gas elevation and benches. With a colour range of nine colours (grey, dark grey, blue, light blue, red, black, orange, pistachio and beige) A whole range of options which still makes each model more acceptable to its destination. Furthermore, its polypropylene frame with ergonomic fibre glass transpiration holes,  will provide a comfortable texture giving perfect lumbar support.

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