Actiu DNA

innovation as an attitude


Tireless creator, curious from birth

Vicent Berbegal’s boundless desire to create and learn, present since childhood, has led him to become a pioneer in the manufacture of furniture, beginning with a sideboard for the first televisions that appeared at home and later continuing with personal computers.


Supporting his territory

His house, his town and his Foia de Castalla have been the main centres for generating wealth and jobs.


Permanent vision of the future

A curiosity that has been the motor for everything that he has set out to achieve in life, whether this is manufacturing furniture or constructing an industrial park based around architecture, design and sustainability.


The well-being of people at the centre of everything

Vicent Berbegal has understood how to create one family - the direct family - plus another indirect family that shares, feels and expresses its regard for the company.


Supporting design

Actiu's trajectory is a perfect example of how to use design as a competitive tool, capable of positioning and improving the vision of a brand.


International projection

Since an early business experience, Vicent Berbegal's desire was to sell his creations beyond Spanish shores. He even joined forces with other sector companies in order to make this happen.


Mindful of the environment

His objective since the beginning: create an industrial company with the greatest of respect for the environment. The result: the first industry in Europe to be considered LEED Gold.


Artisanal innovator

Actiu products emerged from the search for the perfect balance between manual labour and industrialisation.


Socially committed

Vicent Berbegal has become a stand-out figure in his region, thanks to his permanent support of associations, clubs and different types of social enterprises.


Transmitter of passion

Vicent Berbegal has always known how to involve everyone around him in his enthusiasm and his daily commitment.