Journey towards cool working



John. Lawyer

It's lunchtime in London. John is a meticulous and organised person. And that's his little secret to keep himself one step ahead of the big city's rat race: gridlock, calls, notifications... His day is always being interrupted by different things.

John's taste is classic, but contemporary, so he prefers modest furniture that is both functional and comfortable. Practical and efficient pieces which are identical to him and his routines, pieces which look after him whilst he's working, preventing any aches, pains or posture problems. John works on a Mobility elevated table, which means he can work sitting down or standing. Alongside the table, the TNK Flex seat helps John get through the long hours that he needs to review and prepare reports. The seat adjusts to his movements as if it were his second skin.


To use products designed within ergonomic concepts is to acquire and comply with a commitment to the following:
· People and their health, by the means of adaptable and adjustable tools which allow them to assume their correct position;
· The environment, by acquiring sustainable and environmentally-friendly furniture;
· And lastly, productivity and efficiency, by preventing distractions and lapses in concentration derived from discomfort.

Costs related to employees’ health is 41% lower for companies whose employees enjoy good health than companies whose employees do not.

Spatial ergonomics is not about sitting well, but about feeling better.


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