Journey towards cool working


New York

Aaron. Cinematographer

Aaron does not envisage one stable work space, where he is unable to move or change the space. Long periods spent out filming mean he has become accustomed to highly flexible environments, and it's also where he feels at ease. So, our Longo model is perfect for him, because it allows you to combine, in the same structure, a table for work and a sofa for relaxing, switching tasks and scenes without moving any more than a few metres.

Flexibility is key for him. The same goes for being able to manage his time freely. As a complement, the easily movable and light work chair, Cron, comes into play. It allows him to remain seated and work on in a different part of his studio - for example, at his assistant's table.



Space and time are elastic and adapt according to needs.
We are heading towards a more flexible working model, which is also more informal and much more productive, which highlights concepts such as flexible hours, spatial mobility (no fixed place or even working outside the office), efficient time management, autonomy and reconciling one’s personal and professional lives.

This also extends to flexibility in office furniture. Creating spaces with a modular structure that can easily be adjusted and modified facilitates the integration of new people into teams and managing furniture to respond to new demands.

A flexible office requires 30% less floor space per employee than a traditional office. Source: Grupo 3g Office

We prefer Professionals who Use up their brain Space to those who Use up seat space


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