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Actiu Entrance


February 2010


November 2010

Minimum thickness 27cm
5m height
240 m2 surface
Only 4 support points

Big steel covered supported by a glass box is the entrance to the Actiu Technology Park. Marquee puts together aesthetics and functionality. Steel provides design, visual lightness and avoid additional covering systems. Marquee also passes on values such as simplicity, technology, avant-garde, design and it is at the same time an emblem.

The cover shows some empty squares that give lightness to the structure and also the Mediterranean play of light.

The large metallic cover has a particular design to be according with the Project. It is only 27cm thick and it has spectacular fly roof. A 5m height Metallic structure formed by two horizontal plates, the upper one is 10m and the bottom one is 18m, both separated by 24mm. Between both plates we have orthogonal profiles and plates to provide robustness and resistance.

The Project make possible than 60 steel tones had a light image.

Cubierta de la entrada Actiu

The metallic cover is supported by 4 concrete pillars hide inside the glass box, the cover transmit its load to the pillars by means of 30cm height metallic supports. These supports make possible than the marquee is not directly fixed on the glass box but over it. The glass box is used as the security point office and directs traffic entrance and exit from the park.

The entrance to the park pretends to reflect the company philosophy, behind a simply frame, there is a complex calculation.

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Completion Buildings


April 2008


October 2008

20.000 m2 glazing
3.000 m2 composite material
10.800 m2 Silesia plates
Urbanización, Cimentaciones y Estructuras

Corporate Building front has been designed to guarantee thermal insulation, reduce energy use. It is a good aesthetics, energy and sustainable resolution. Material used is composite. This material enables to get the eye shape and provides freedom to the project. Composite is formed by two aluminum plates and a polythene one in the middle

Helicoidal staircase is a sculptural piece inside the corporate building. It is the example of attention and careful to detail. It has been constructed with the newest industrial techniques. Steel modules have been welded in situ. This fact avoids any incident in the work.

Production plants and Logistic building facades have been constructed with a design that consists of horizontal plates to provide shadow effects depending on the Sun position. In the production plants this style is in the laterals and in the north face. The south face is composed of concrete, glass and docks.

Glazing used in all the buildings combine design and technology. Security glass with air space to get thermic and acoustic insulation and get lower energy consume and a sustainable project.

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End of the Logistic Building


November 2007


April 2008

Last generation foundation system by 25m pilots on the ground
36 concrete pillars, 10m height
Metallic structure placed 12m height
25 domes to provide natural Sun-light
2.300 m2 of glass for the facade
Geberit system for collecting and dreaning rain wáter
12 authomatic decks

Logistic building with 18.000 m2 is connected to the corporative one by a wide meeting point surrounded by inner gardens. This building which is 14m height has the storage and distribution function. It is an intelligent building because optimize the use of the energetic resources as well as optimize the inner logistic management. Sunpower solar panels will be placed on the logistic building roof to generate 7.000.000 kwh clean energy.

Domes at the roof have diamond shape, to create a light atmosphere that allows the Sun shine go inside the building.

The main characteristic of this building is the strong structure and the sunlight prominence. Pillars have the perfect distance among them to optimize the storage and inner movements.

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Works summary video since November 2004 to February 2008


November 2004


May 2008

Total: 190.000 m2
Corporative building: 6.000 m2
Logistic building: 18.000 m2
Production plants: 40.000 m2
Meeting point and inner gardens: 2.000 m2
Wastewater Treatment Plant: 2.500 m3
Underground tanks for rain water: 11.000 m3

Since the beginning the project has developed to basic elements for Actiu such as Sustainability, respect to Environment and to get the best workplace for ACTIU Team.

You can see the video by clicking the link. You will realize Actiu values in the construction of the project.

Actiu Technological Park 2004-2008

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Gobierno de España

The project has been supported in its funding by the
of Industry, Tourism
and Trade.

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