indoor or outdoor

The indoors fancy a change of scenery to gain access to the outdoors


Lifestyles evolve, technologies lead to new possibilities and so spaces must keep up with the times. Whether they are indoor or outdoor environments, these spaces are at the heart of everyday life. They accommodate different people with different needs, so their furniture must be able to provide solutions that please everyone.

Comfort and well-being are of the utmost importance across the board and in any environment. It is the furniture that lays the necessary foundations to make people feel comfortable, at peace with their surroundings while, at the same time, they have the tools they need at their fingertips at all times. Whether it’s time to work, to relax or to have fun.


Our relaxing corner.

A room is an oasis of serenity where one can escape the hustle and bustle, making it possible to concentrate and enjoy the tranquility with all five senses. The smell of freshly watered plants, the murmur of the breeze and the natural light filtering through the windows allows for a connection with nature while boosting inspiration and creativity.


The magic of waiting.

Get away from external pressures, take a deep breath and enjoy the peace and quiet. Open your mind and take advantage of the time spent waiting in comfortable spaces. Moments in which natural light helps to cheer up moods and caress the soul. The Mediterranean sun is life and its colours act as a soothing balm just about anywhere.


Art of well-being.

The Mediterranean’s white and blue tones give rise to a design concept for restaurant spaces that evoke eternal evenings around a table in good company. Terraces, cafés and restaurants therefore become spaces for the soul, where culinary mastery is combined with comfort and companionship to create unique moments.


INOUT is a new contract concept where furniture opens the door to endless possibilities. Because spaces have long since ceased to be used with a sole function in mind.