Hotels, Restaurants, and Cafés

Making these spaces profitable lies in offering the service each client needs at all times

New meeting areas in hotels and communal spaces

Shared spaces are undergoing a revolution. The way we understand work, the explosion of technology, and even the new ways we have of interacting with each other lead us to call for new spaces. At Actiu we have been designing and furnishing work and contract spaces for over fifty years. This experience enables us to support our clients with hotel furniture in the transformation of their communal spaces with the goal of maximising their space and building customer loyalty in those who use them.


Hotels, restaurants, hospitals, banks, airport terminals, schools, leisure centres, shops... They all have communal spaces that can adapt to new needs and become collaboration spaces.

Inclusive spaces, where uses are mixed to create a new user experience using core features such as furniture, plants, connectivity, comfort, light, colours, and textures. New spaces for new uses.


How can the use of spaces such as restaurant spaces be maximised? Our proposal is based on creating settings that provide added value, establishing attractive and productive surroundings, focusing on sound insulation, and offering Wi-Fi connections and furniture that allows us to connect electronic devices.

Hotel and restaurant furniture allows for the creation of various settings, which can range from reserved areas, bars, areas for a quick bite to eat, or the traditional dining tables. Having furniture that is light, versatile, designed for heavy use, modular, and easily moveable.


Cafés have undoubtedly joined offices and the home as new work spaces. Places to have a coffee in peace and check your emails, read a report, or write.

Welcoming spaces and open concept rooms where you can break out of the routine and find a place to concentrate. The secret lies in creating different areas, settings, and areas in a multipurpose space that provide value to the user so that they choose our space not just for having a coffee or a drink in.


How many of us have a space that we don’t know how to use? We need space but we lack the necessary furniture to create functional, multipurpose areas which can be a meeting room one day and a training room the next.

Multipurpose rooms are critical in a changing society which has a different need every day. This is where furniture is our best ally because it allows us to create different solutions tailored to each need. Foldable mobile, light desks that combine with stackable and easily storable seating which helps us to set out, and hide, our furniture depending on the number of people and their needs.

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