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Whether full-time or part-time, remote working is no longer a trend but a reality. New, more flexible and agile, project-based and goal-based work philosophies make many of the companies that make it easier for their employees to work from home, in their home office.


It is not enough to put the computer in the first place that is free at home, there are several aspects related to the space and the furniture that will help us to work more efficiently and comfortably, which translated into higher productivity and well-being.

Keys to creating a comfortable and efficient home office >


We should ideally separate the home office from the rest of the house, whether it be in a designated room or using sound-absorbing panels that can isolate this area from the rest of the house.

It is also important to choose a quieter area to avoid interruptions and distractions, and we must also choose a place with a good source of natural and artificial lighting. 

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Furniture plays an essential role. It must adapt to our needs to therefore ensure our comfort and well-being in the day to day.


What chair should I choose?

We spend the majority of the day sitting down, and so it is essential to have an ergonomic office chair that looks after our well-being. In the following post we will help you to choose the perfect chair.

How to choose your office chair? >

What chair should I choose?,

What table do I need?

Height, dimensions, functionalities and even structure; these are all key points when choosing a table. We need to define our needs to choose the table that will adapt to them.

Discover here: How to choose the right desk for you

What table do I need?,

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In this ebook you will find tools and resources to be able to maintain physical well-being through the workplace, mental well-being through work time, and emotional well-being through work relationships.

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