Take full advantage of the natural light

Light is key at Eurener, a solar energy company specialising in manufacturing and distributing photovoltaic units. Hence, its new offices are aligned and designed to maximise its use, an aim that all its members are striving for on a daily basis.

Located in the very heart of Valencia, its new offices are a window to the outside allowing light inside, and which guarantees the comfort and convenience for the workers that currently make up the national and international sales department and the marketing department. It is a total of 365 square metres spread over the eighth floor of one of the most emblematic buildings in the city, number 1 on Calle Colón, and fully fitted out with Actiu furniture and designed by the interior designers at Samaruc.

The priority of the offices was to provide the flow of light from one side of the space to the other, as well as to ensure visual contact between the spaces without losing out on lighting. All of this is within a large, open space where functionality is key, and where private rooms, meeting rooms and spaces for concentrating are also needed.

Samaruc, the interior design study that has developed this project, provided the solution to these areas using glass blinds that visually connect the space, allow light to enter, but at the same time give privacy to these rooms. They also highlight this light with vinyl on the blinds with a very subtle photovoltaic cell design and also very in sync with Eurener’s corporate nature.

These offices, which are used for sales and marketing tasks, had to be neutral and timeless, whilst being comfortable and functional. Hence, the open space area has been equipped with the Stay task seating and the Vital Plus tables, matched with the Bucks drawer units, sound-absorbing panels, hidden power supply and touches of green in window boxes. This is an ensemble that mixes the neutral tones (whites and greys) of the furniture together, where only the firm’s orange corporate colour stands out.

With space for up to 30 working positions, Eurener also has different independent meeting rooms associated to each department, which provides them with internal and external communication with other company workers at other offices.

Further to this, the meeting room has been equipped with the Talent folding tables and the Whass stackable chairs to create training spaces if so required at any specific time.

The management office in turn has a Twist table for video conference calls, which allows the team to connect with the other delegations of this solar energy company around the world.

The result is a comfortable, relaxed workspace with an aesthetic based on the functionality and geometrics that reinforces Eurener’s personality and public image.


We will list each of the different products used to bring this project to life.

Vital Plus

contemporary aesthetics



office pedestal files



very versatile

By Marcelo Alegre


contemporary office

By Enrico Frigerio


created to create

By Marcelo Alegre


super-stackable for multipurpose spaces

By Javier Cuñado

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