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Actiu continues to establish itself in the North American market, this time alongside its Florida-based partner  Masof. The company helps its clients find the perfect solutions for their office spaces through a process which includes everything from a project assessment, its design and furniture proposal, to its delivery and installation.

Masof was commissioned to furnish the company  HealthGain's new headquarters in the Aventura ParkSquare Wellness Center in Florida. With a 'Class A' classification, the offices will benefit from the highest-quality technological and aesthetic features. The space goes perfectly with this firm's specialization in personalized therapies that foster the intellectual, physical, and sexual well-being of its patients.

The space uses the furniture as a powerful tool to define each area's level of privacy. With a distinctive design style and high quality standards, recognized from the get-go by both the vice president and founder of HealthGains Liliana White, and the senior designer in charge of the project, Maria Trochez, Actiu has a strong presence in the project.

While for the more private spaces the goal has been to achieve high occupancy level capacity without creating congestion, the open rooms for large groups enjoy a greater sense of spaciousness, which allows for their distribution to vary depending on occupants' type and style of work. "The incorporation of the organic and functional shapes of Actiu's furniture has been fundamental in building and giving character to the spaces which define the project,” says Maria Trochez.

With the customer approval of the basic design principles, the Masof team was in charge of defining the lines of products which would be used, as well as the materials and colors that best match the customer's philosophy.

To respond to the needs of the dynamic and flexible nature of the marketing team, we've opted for Twist operative tables, which allow you to work standing-up or sitting on an Efit stool.

Private conference rooms are equipped with Twist video conferencing stations and Efit stools. Together, they offer employees points for digital collaboration, where they can hold meetings or information sessions.

The meeting rooms were also chosen with the Twist program in mind, this time, a conference table version and with the versatile Stay chairs.

To provide a more comfortable and relaxing experience for employees, cosy corners with Badminton armchairs and small Tabula tables have been incorporated.

"The end result is a space where the furniture combines function and aesthetics, offering satisfaction and comfort to all its users," says Masof Director Julian Duque.


We will list each of the different products used to bring this project to life.


contemporary office

By Enrico Frigerio


a distinctive aesthetic

By Marcelo Alegre


iconic soft seating

By Javier Cuñado


very versatile

By Marcelo Alegre


endless possibilities

By Javier Cuñado


office pedestal files



natural style

By Javier Lledó


canteen tables


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