Ricoh Latin America HQ

United States of America

A light atmosphere where fostering collaboration and productivity was at the core of Ricoh Latin America headquarter, a global Japanese technology supplier that aims to empowering digital workplaces by transforming corporate processes and managing information to help make companies more streamlined, productive and profitable.

Together with its distributor in Florida, Masof, Actiu has implemented an adaptation process for the existing space to the Japanese company’s ethos. This project took place in two stages in close collaboration with the Steven E. Myott architecture firm, which was responsible for the design and space layout.

In 2018, when it had its offices in Latin America and the Caribbean renovated, Ricoh decided to do away with cubicles and implement a more open and collaborative work system, in accordance with a work ethos and international corporate image that has been used for other offices in the world. So, one year later, the company undertook a second project. Thanks to a strong commitment to the home office and hot-desking, Ricoh managed to reduce its work space to half its surface area while at the same time increasing the collaboration areas and commit to a more dynamic workspace.

The new layout uses work concepts that are popular in Japan such as hotelling work stations. This “free” workstation system not only allows employees to reserve the use of desks, cubicles or offices, but it also means that space is optimised. Despite the considerable reduction in office space, this second stage added new Actiu products to those that were incorporated during the first stage, both in executive stations in the open space, and in private offices facing it, meeting rooms, the canteen and the reception.

The stars of the show of this dynamic working style are the workstations, occupying a single open space equipped with Vital Plus desks, with front and side-facing dividing screens that increase privacy, and are arranged orthogonally to optimise the available space. Red adds a touch of colour and a nod to the company’s corporate colour.

Glass panels separate small informal offices that are semi-open to the central space.

In response to the extremely varied needs of Ricoh workers, the original large meeting.

The canteen was turned into a space allowing for a plethora of possibilities. Tabula tables with different heights, Whass seating and stools, and Longo armchairs allow for workers and clients to have informal and creative meetings, a rest and/or lunch.

The Ricoh offices for Latin America and the Caribbean in Florida are a perfect reflection of a work ethos that is centred around listening to the client and a flat hierarchy that is brought to life here in a democratic spatial layout, where workers share workstations and the offices are interspersed with open spaces.


We will list each of the different products used to bring this project to life.


maximum versatility

By Ramos & Bassols

Tnk Flex

your second skin

By Marcelo Alegre


a distinctive aesthetic

By Marcelo Alegre


super-stackable for multipurpose spaces

By Javier Cuñado


elegant and comfortable

By Marcelo Alegre

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