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incorporating MDF boards with 0% formaldehyde as standard

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0% Formaldehyde*

Actiu has implemented a pioneering measure in Europe, incorporating MDF 0% formaldehyde as standard throughout its product range and not just in particular batches.

The absence of this harmful compound, which increases the risk of certain diseases, complies with the American Toxic Substances Control Act which promotes the health of occupants of work environments, as well as helping to attain WELL certification.

In this way, Actiu products, manufactured in a sustainable environment that promotes well-being such as the Actiu Technology Park, provide a new added value to equip more people-friendly workplaces.

* All Actiu products manufactured with raw particleboard and thermofused laminate surfaces are certified according to the emission standards established by the US EPA TSCA Title VI and Phase 2 of the CARB (California Air Resources Board).

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Products free of formaldehyde

All categories shown and their corresponding products enjoy MDF boards free of formaldehyde.

Library Furniture

Office Desks

Office Storage

Reception counter

Available Certificates

Download our 0% formaldehyde certificates on Particle Boards (PB) and medium density boards (MDF).


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