Actiu faithful with eco commitment

January 2009 | News
Actiu fiel a su compromiso

Our firm commitment to sustainability has increased progressively. Today, it forms part of our way of working and thinking. For this reason, and in order to fulfil our commitment in future, we are going to seek certification under standard UNE150301: Environmental Management of the Design and Development Process, that is, Ecodesign, in relation to "the design and production of furniture, seating, and office and computer accessories".

By applying this standard, Actiu will guarantee that the design of our products is the result of our efforts to minimize any environmental impact over the entire product life cycle: procuring raw materials, production, use, disposal and possible recycling.

Our commitment to the environment has also led us to collaborate with our suppliers so that they meet our strict environmental policy, such as the PEFC, to protect European forests. Through this policy, we make sure that the materials we use fit within an entirely sustainable process. In addition to this, thanks to our optimized production system, we have reduced wastage to below 0.1% per kg of finished product.

The new Actiu Technological Park has undoubtedly been an additional support to us in seeking UNE15031 certification. Apart from meeting all necessary environmental requirements relating to production and recycling processes, the park also has a rainwater collection system that allows irrigation, and a photovoltaic plant that generates clean energy and avoids 8 million kgs of CO2 emissions.

Actiu fiel a su compromiso

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