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Cool Working

creation of workspaces that increase productivity
Welcome to the age of high-performance offices.
Welcome to the age of
Cool Working
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Times have changed. And so have offices.
The emergence of new information technology, the digital transformation or access to the job market by new generations have brought about important changes in the profiles of workers, jobs and the types of roles to be taken on by people in the office environment.
Times have changed
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A new paradigm and new opportunities
This new work paradigm is transforming the concept of the office space. No longer is it the physical environment that simply houses furniture for workers; it has become a strategic lever for change that allows organisations to align their transformation-related challenges with their workers' need for well-being and satisfaction.
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What we have learned over the past 50 years has taught us how to design high-performance spaces.
Our knowledge about productivity in the office environment, gained over the last fifty years, together with our continuous analysis of internationally-published scientific and informative studies, have shown us the way in the design of High Performance Spaces.
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Did you know that almost all (86%) productivity problems in organisations are related to the work environment?
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Did you know that an environment that facilitates a high level of interaction between workers stimulates creativity and knowledge transfer, which are crucial to generating innovation?
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Did you know that the work environment can influence worker satisfaction by up to 24%?
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Did you know that the majority (80%) of valuable interactions between colleagues take place in spaces that host informal meetings?
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Our own methodology developed with the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia.
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Cool Working is a dynamic support process that allows us to understand the needs of our clients from the perspective of the user experience, providing innovative and sustainable solutions for High Performance Spaces.

Cool Working has a project development methodology for the creation and implementation of these High Performance Spaces, focused on the physical and emotional well-being of people in their interaction with the environment

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Each company is different. And so is every Cool Working project.
A High Performance Office is one that provides its workers with spaces for the exchange of knowledge where ideas can flow, that encourages casual encounters between colleagues from different work teams, that favours intergenerational socialisation between workers or that allows its teams to enjoy moments of disconnection in order to gain inspiration or simply relax.
To do this, our proposals for furnishing these spaces embody the five basic work styles included in the Cool Working methodology.
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Quiet areas, with optimal sound absorption that allows all attention to be focused on the same task. Small "refuges" for concentration that we can use freely and independently, and where we can have a private conversation, write or read a document or simply have a moment alone.
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Pleasant, spacious, bright and well-equipped spaces that favour communication so that workers can perform their duties independently, individually or as a team.
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A well-designed space should favour connections and creative encounters that allow ideas to flow between people. Spaces that promote social connection through meeting areas, canteens, etc., where people can unleash their creativity and decrease their stress levels.
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Flexible, modular areas, capable of being adapted to the needs at any given time and with maximum connectivity to encourage participation with people who are not physically present. Light yet durable furniture, easily stackable and with the ability to adapt to the different tasks at hand.
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The design of modern spaces must take into account the privacy needs of any organisation, providing solutions such as rooms for private meetings, phone booths for calls and videoconferences, or furniture that allows privacy to be upheld.
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