AGILE Solutions for Designing Workspaces

May 2021 | News

The last year has led to a new situation and new needs in the workspace: social distancing measures, protection of our health and a growing digital transformation.

Hybrid work (remote + in-person) is both a trend and a reality. Traditional offices must evolve in a flexible, agile and smart way in order to attract talent, creativity and get the most out of in-person work.



In this Agile guide you will find:

  • Information about the Agile methodology and how it can benefit your company.
  • Tips on creating multiple workspaces
  • Visual examples of workspace optimisation 
  • Configurations ready to be downloaded and included in the project (in dwg, revit).


The new work methodologies and the conditioning factors of the new normal are also having and will continue to have a transformative effect on workspaces. Find out all about Agile in our guide.


AGILE Collection by Actiu


Caddy 500

Range of lightweight and versatile mobile supports that allow you to divide the space into different zones, resulting in agility in the work area. It can integrate blackboards, interactive screens and comes with complementary accessories such as decorative trays.

Welcome to flexibility >


The Grandstand allows the space to be redesigned thanks to its modularity and the incorporation of wheels. It offers each team the possibility of adapting its space to the work methodology and needs at any given time, so it can be configured as a bench, platform or shelf.

Optimize your workspace >

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic and decorative panels that improve working conditions, especially in open-concept spaces, thanks to their high sound absorption fabric and foamed interior.

How to transform your office? >

Side table

Support element that fits subtly into all types of environments, being used to complement soft seating solutions with different heights. It offers different positions of use, such as for writing or performing interactive work, depending on the tasks or needs at any given time.

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