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November 2012 | News


Come and get to know the new Industry

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We are living through a second Industrial Revolution: The Industrial Revolution of the XXI  century.  A metamorphosis in the way we work which is changing the world. Where one favours the welfare of the staff, creating ergonomic working environments, attractive and enjoyable in design and encouraging family reconciliation policies.

A change that is committed to revaluing the territory, to continue manufacturing in an environment where the company started, relying on local and regional suppliers instead of taking production abroad. Keeping control of all the processes and applying the local knowledge of the traditional industry to new technologies.

The new Industry knows no borders nor sectorial boundaries. Innovation, creativity, Research and development of new products are adapted to new markets and new demands and in which Internationalization forms part of the natural growth cycle.

Innovation, Sustainability and People talk about this and much more…Come and get to know the new Industry, the XXI century Industry.

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