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February 2010 | News

After our definitive establishment in the Technological Park in September 2009, Actiu is increasing the capacity and production flexibility; this is demonstrated by the recent launch of new plants of metal machining and painting reducing the environmental impact that the firm's has fit out in its industrial bays, optimizing their resources, and keeping a total quality control of its products; cutting-edge technologies which allow us to manufacture products with the highest level of demand.

Own production:
New installations.
Cutting-edge processes.
R + D Investment.
Effective industrial technology.
Quality upgrades.
Profitability improvements.

Industrial customization:
Product adaptation.
Specifications. Manufacture of special designs.
Professional collaboration. B2B with architects, interior designers, consultants and procurement professionals.
Leadership in sustainable technologies.

Optimization of raw materials, zero waste.
Sustainable consumption. Prevents fuel and the minimum water waste.
Reduction of the Ecological Footprint and CO2 emissions.
Energy saving.
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the product. Studies on improving the environmental impact throughout the production process from the design stage.

  • Transport, assembling and items replacement improvements.
  • Assembly and maintenance support.
  • Materials management and optimization through the recycling stage.

Painting plant. Coating Plus:
Highest optimization of raw materials. Zero waste.
Hygiene. Degreasing and anti-bacteria productive treatments. (optimal products manufacture for public health, childhood education, food laboratories, etc.)
Adherence, homogeneity and wear resistance. Nano-ceramic processes.
Easy maintenance and cleaning. Non-fingerprints finish.
Light resistance colour.

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