Work Wonders and Actiu join forces to walk side by side in the Chinese market

July 2016 | News

Actiu has arrived in Shanghai and has made the impact that is fitting with the design, quality, technology and respect for the environment with which its European-stamped products are made. For a year now, Actiu and Work Wonders have been working hand in hand and have created a solid internal structure in both of their companies, allowing them to work efficiently, unaffected by the problems that the thousands of kilometres separating them can cause. In addition, a second team is being developed in Singapore, where Work Wonders also operates.

When a significant portion of the Spanish industry relocated their production plants to China, Actiu hedged its bets on its national territory being revived, and on the traditional toy sector being reconverted, which enabled them to tailor a furniture-manufacturing sector. Over these years, Actiu has grown and become stronger from within.

Work Wonders is a company with a strong legacy in manufacturing furniture. Now through its collaboration with Actiu, it is dedicated to improving, redefining and simplifying working environments. In this way, both companies are sharing work values and philosophies defined by the concept of Cool Working. Cool Working gathers together everything that has formed part of the transformation in the way we now understand relationships and workspaces, and then fuses the more emotional, creative, motivating (‘Cool’) side with the purely productive (‘Working’) side. 

Actiu’s new showroom in Shanghai occupies the former space of Italy’s pavilion in the 2010 Shanghai Expo, a building with the Leed Certification. It is a mark of distinction which combine innovation, design and sustainability, signed by the prestigious architect, Giampaolo Imbrighi. The space has since been re-furbished with a new structure.

Shanghai is China’s economic capital (currently the second largest economy in the world). With 20 million inhabitants, it is the most populous city in the country and also one of the biggest in the world. This is a rapidly consolidating market which reckons with a significant population index occupying a medium-high purchasing segment. Bilateral relationships will be facilitated by various Spanish companies having now set up in Shanghai.

European products, especially furniture, are highly valued in this part of China, due to the fact that their distinction in quality, innovation and technology are highly sought after by professionals in the fields of architecture, design and major accounts.

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