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Green Building Certificate Leed Platinum:
Actiu Technological Park

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U.S. Green Building Council LEED USGBC

project certified LEED® Platinum by U.S. Green Building Council

LEED® Gold certified 2011 · LEED® Platinum certified 2017

Sustainability begins with an idea.

Ideas are neccessary to develop our creative capacity. In Actiu, the ideas about efficiency and sustainability define all business and productive philosophy based on respect for the territory and people; ideas embodied in Actiu Technological Park which transmit feelings.

What is LEED?

LEED • Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design.

A system of certifying sustainable buildings, developed by the US Green Building Council in America which consists of a set of rules about the use of strategies aimed at the sustainability of these types of buildings, that recognize the construction of spaces along with the environment, and that its design allows the efficient use of natural resources.

Why use Actiu products?

Our products allow the attainment of LEED points in 4 of the 6 existing standards, supporting a better environment of the building, and so, values the process of certifying buildings where they install this furniture.

  • LEED NC: New Construction.
  • LEED EB: Existing Building.
  • LEED CI: Comercial Interiors.
  • LEED CS: Core & Shell.

Actiu and its products fulfil the highest management demands and quality of the products and sustainability, using recycled products, FSC woods from controlled sources and using processes that consider the ECODESIGN like a method for finding solutions to complex problems, where the quality understands durability and the possibility of replacement of each part, so that in its set, Actiu products, have a long useful life.

Why and for what should I believe?

The certification of LEED represents a culture, a way of understanding life and work; a philosophy that contributes to the rise in production, generates a healthy and friendly environment for its workers , allowing at the same time, a reduction in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, the conservation of water or the reduction of waste, during the whole product process.

LEED intentions

  • Define 'sustainable building' establishing a standard for common measures.
  • Promote the practices of integrated projects and for all the building.
  • Recognize the environmental leaders in the construction industry environment.
  • Stimulate competency in sustainability.
  • Elevate consumer appreciation about the benefits that support sustainable buildings.
  • Transform the market of construction industry towards sustainability.

What it measures

  • Sustainable location.
  • Savings in water.
  • Efficient Energy.
  • Selection of materials and resources.
  • Quality environmental interior.
  • Innovation and Design.

LEED Benefits

Environments, Commercials, Economics.

  • The environmental impact.
  • Drop in energy use 20-25%.
  • Drop in CO2 emissions 33%.
  • Drop in use of water 40-50%.
  • Drop in solid waste 25%.
  • 20% Performance of users.
  • 2-16% Rise in productivity.
  • Rise in production.
  • Rise in sales.
  • Brand Image.

Range of certification

  • CERTIFIED: 40-49 points.
  • SILVER: 50-59 points.
  • GOLD: 60-79 points.
  • PLATINUM: 80+ points.


  • LEED NC: New Construction.
  • LEED EB: Existing Building.
  • LEED CI: Comercial Interiors.
  • LEED CS: Core & Shell.
  • LEED  H: Home.
  • LEED ND: Neighborhood Development.


The LEED certification consists of an implicit feeling; a way to perceive and understand the world and its notions of necessities and limits, where people possess a clear objective and real responsibility with respect towards the environment.

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