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great versatility

Talent is a collective, mobile, foldable, stackable and raiseable table system, that offers great versatility to multi-use spaces. It also provides an ergonomic improvement, as its height adjustment system does not need an electrical connection. 

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MULTI-USE, great versatility


Talent 300 - foldable surface

Talent 300 Series have been designed for multi-functional spaces. This table for collective spaces has four wheels, two of which are locked, a fixed height and a foldable surface.

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COLLECTIVE SPACES, Talent 300 - foldable surface


learning environments

The versatility of the programme creates easily installable learning environments. It adapts to the needs of each moment, standing out thanks to its functionality, easy storage, maintenance and care by the users. 

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TRAINING, learning environments


combination of features

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Talent desk programme is designed to respond to all the needs of multipurpose spaces:

Talent series

all of its features

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