arvato is the provider of outstanding services belonging to an International media group Bertelsmann. It designs and implements intelligent and integrated solutions in a wide range of industries, including high technology, communication means, public services, bank, telecommunications and the government.

It employs more than 1600 people over its four locations in Ireland. The new offices in East Point Business Park have given work to more than 150 people. The remodelling of the building of 6000 squared metres ( now known as ' The arvato building'), represents a mayor investment for the company. The new building, furnished by Actiu, has facilities for offices and meeting rooms for 350 participants, and provides enough space for future expansion.

To Project the dynamism of this company the Vital Plus program of desks has been selected in two solutions: ST and SPINE. For the majority of the operative positions the Vital Plus ST has been placed, with a closed frame finished in white.

SPINE is an innovative solution to make more effective workspaces based on four elements ( desk, lower filing, high filing and dividers)

SPINE is structured as a ‘backbone in which the different compositions are anchored which configure workspace. It offers close storage which centralise the electrification of each position channelling the different opinions, obtaining more performance and space optimisation.

The installation was completed with a touch of colour. The tabletop dividers have been upholstered in an elegant beige colour, and at the same time, in each work area, metal pedestals combined in cheerful tones such as pistachio green, electric blue and red have been placed.

Products installed

Vital Plus Spine

space optimising


Vital Plus

contemporary aesthetics



office pedestal files


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