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Since the beginning of its activity in 1998, OPENLINE has been steadily growing and has established itself as a strong economic group to operate in the rehabilitation, maintenance and efficiency of buildings, principally in Portugal.

The group specializes in providing integrated solutions for the efficiency of buildings that stand out relating to the areas of civil engineering and electromechanics. Actiu products have been chosen to furnish the new facilities.

The Vital program of desks have been used to solve the different operative needs thanks to the great adaptability offered. Double desks have been configured, with a table top divider in translucent glass, with all finishes (table top board and legs) in white. Each workstation is accompanied with a mobile pedestal with three drawers, also in white.

The Vital program enables furthermore, to allow certain adjustments to the measurements, as in the case of special desks for plans. Using the model of the individual desk with castors, a suspended lower module has been incorporated.

In the working areas white has been chosen for all the office furniture, in the meeting rooms the elegance of glass and metal predominate. The Vital desk shows another possible version here, a  large format as a meeting  desk, this time with the surface finish in black security glass and chrome legs. The Íkara chair is upholstered in white and with complete auto-return installation.

The meeting rooms are minimalist and with simple lines and is topped with three modules of Block cabinets. This is a cabinet for filing which combines perfectly with Vital and Arkitek for avant-garde design, elegance and sobriety.

The management offices give continuity to the same concept of simple office furniture but with its own personality of the meeting rooms. Thus, it has been equipped with a management desk Arkitek and three low modules from the Block program.

The Arkitek desk responds to an architectural vision of furniture to equip offices. It stands out for its unique design of its structure made entirely of aluminium. And combines soft with accentuated angles.

Products installed


architectural elegance

By Marcelo Alegre


maximum performance



qualitative storage

By Marcelo Alegre


timeless elegance

By Javier Lledó


office pedestal files



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