Provincial Red Cross Headquarters (Alicante)

Provincial Red Cross Headquarters (Alicante)


The delegation in Alicante of the Spanish Red Cross has realised its dream of “moving to a  much bigger space which enables us to offer a better service to those in need”, according to its president Emilio Bascuñana. The new building has 10000 m2 floor space, divided into two basements and three floors. The new facilities hold 205 workers and will be the centre of reference for more than 6000 Red cross volunteers  in the province.

At Actiu all projects are worked on with enthusiasm and professionalism from the first point. However, there are projects as in the case of the Red Cross because of its roots and its work with society, that makes it more emotional, being conscious of its use and benefits that it will bring to the community.

The new headquarters of the Red Cross bring together the services provided by the ONG, such as the care to immigrants and refugees, senior citizens, health, relief and emergencies.

The building has 16 classrooms. Nearly half the space is designed to hold the profession training centre, in which they have spacious rooms for laboratories, practice rooms and classes which have been equipped combining the programs, Trama, folding desks and Cool E100, clean aesthetics with multiple configurations.

Amongst the new developments of the new location the Adult school and the children's playroom can be found. These spaces keep the same line in furniture, functional and versatile, present in the classrooms and laboratories. For the seating three programs have been used which fit perfectly with the design of the developed environments: Spacio; light and simple, Uma; versatile and ergonomic and Plek; fun for its colours.

In the different waiting rooms and passages the Ikara benches have been used, of lacquered beech wood. Its timeless image and visual lightness makes it the best option for any collective environment.

From the new headquarters it coordinates  the Telecare service for the whole of the Valencian Community and also for the region of Murcia. It was necessary to take into account the intensive use of both the workers as well as the users at the time of placing suitable furniture in these environments. The Vital desks have been chosen for their versatility and flexibility to adapt to any work environment at any given time.

We can find twin, extendable, straight desks with translucent glass screens. Furthermore, they have been complemented with mobile pedestals with three drawers and Modular cabinets in different sizes and interior configurations, depending on their needs. The collective chair Tnkid, developed from the TNK, also serves as a visitor chair for users of the library and the reading room. It has been combined in red for the seat and grey for its original back  in accordance with the corporate colours of ONG.

As an executive and an operative chair the TNK was selected, a chair with its own personality and with comfort and ergonomics capable of adapting itself to any space.

The meeting rooms have been designed in sober and elegant shades, a play on light. A big wooden wenge desk presides over the room. Around this , the attractive Ikara, upholstered in cream with armrests and chrome legs complete the configuration.

Products installed

Cool E100

versatile desks



office pedestal files



Vital and Vital PRO


Modular storage

adapt to your space



mobility and versatility

By Marcelo Alegre


technological backrest

By Marcelo Alegre


folding chair

By Marcelo Alegre


natural style

By Javier Lledó


timeless elegance

By Javier Lledó


unmistakable geometry

By Marcelo Alegre


light and polyvalent

By Sigfrido Bilbao

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