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A charitable, artistic and culinary experience takes over the Actiu showroom in London

A charitable, artistic and culinary experience takes over the Actiu showroom in London

MAY 2018 | 2 minutes

Three highly-intense days were spent in the Actiu showroom at the Clerkwell Design Week in the British capital. These three days were a great success both socially and charitably, with the auction of three artistically-reinvented Badminton armchairs.

With her ‘Wigzie’ project, Mandy Cheunginverted the Badminton armchair and employed various Gabriel fabrics as a homage to people suffering from cancer, recreating different hairstyles and covering this piece of furniture with multiple colours. 

The artist Claudio Ripoll incorporated a series of personal objects into a Badminton, which are attached with a mesh, recreating the physical and experiential baggage that we all accumulate throughout our lives and which come to define us. 

The Badminton armchair was reimagined by Bright Potato from dual a point of view. Two pieces of furniture were created from the original structure. A stool was made from the seat area and a bookcase from the back support of a Badminton, including feet and individual shelves. 

This auction made it possible to help Maggie's, a charitable organisation that offers essential practical and emotional support for people with cancer, and their families. Along with a delicious paella, in both traditional and vegetarian versions, with was one of the most well-attended events at the London showroom.

In fact, more than five hundred people visited the British Actiu headquarters during the Clerkenwell Design Week, which was a record for this showroom. Visitors were able to enjoy a combination of gastronomy, art and technology, with the latest products from Actiu, which all attendees got to know up close. 

These innovations included Talent, the new raisable table, which is easily folded and stacked, designed by Alegre Design for training areas, and Power, from ITEM Designwork, a workspace table that combines technology with an original aesthetic. Both of these will go well with some of the Alicante firm's most important products.

Talent designed by Alegre Design

Warm weather accompanied the cooking and Spanish design over the three days of the Clerkenwell Design Week, where good food combined with innovative furniture, music and art. Thanks to FT2 exhibition that hosted the space, visitors to the showroom at 28 Seward Street, Clerkenwell, London were able to discover the exhilarating energy that art can bring to work areas.

The display, launched by Chrom-Art, a non-profit organisation committed to supporting up-and-coming artists, showcased the possibilities of art as a catalyst for concentration and creativity in work spaces.

Some of the activities organised during these three intense days included a workshop on water printing, a method that applies printed designs to surfaces in three dimensions, and workshops held in the QB Space, that showed off the advantages of the so-named “pods”, temporary closed glass structures, which are installed in interior open-plan spaces.

Photography: Albert Palen