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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
Actiu aquires the certificate for management forestry responsibilty FSC

Actiu aquires the certificate for management forestry responsibilty FSC

JULY 2011 | 1 minute

The objective of the FSC is to promote forests all over the world, an economically viable forest management, socially beneficial and environmentally responsible. For this, in 1994 the principals and criteria of good management were agreed which must respect the forests, a particularly special consensus considering all the different interests of the participating organisations in the council.

The FSC is based on the balanced and fair participation of a wide range of interest groups and has the support of the major environmental and social rights group ONG. On the other hand, being an applicable system and recognised around the world, it responds to the needs of a globalized market.

In this way, it guarantees that the organisations of the developing countries have equal weight in decision making as those in developed countries.

Accordingly, Actiu products ordered under this premise, are made from wood derived from fast growing species and with a responsible forestry management, obtaining the certificate FSC that guarantees that the origen is a forest that complies with these principals and criterias, internationally recognized.