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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
Actiu connects with creative youngsters through graphic design

Actiu connects with creative youngsters through graphic design

MAY 2016 | 3 minutes

The Barreira Design and Art school celebrated its Graphic Design Week from 22 to 29 April, bringing together leading national figures to discuss their graphic design projects, branding and visual language. Graphic designers such as Pepe Gimeno (Pepe Gimeno - Proyecto Gráfico), Marisa Gallén and Carmina Ibanez (Gallén + Ibáñez), Carles Andreu and Juanma Aznar (Vibra), Jaime Agulló (Maslow agency), Kike Correcher (Kikeco), Xavi Calvo (Menta) and Hector Serrano were some of the designers who discussed their experience and career at this auditorium over the week.

Actiu was one of the sponsors this week and furthermore, was used as an example by Luis Calabuig (Odosdesign) at a conference in which it became clear that business efficiency involves adding a good graphic design strategy as a priority of any company. "To achieve effective communication and reach the desired audience it is essential to establish a trustful relationship with the customer. In the case of Actiu it has been easy since the beginning, with very defined challenges and great freedom in development ",  Calabuig explained in his talk.

"Actiu focused their communication strategy on the 'good product design' key value. However, we had to empower the story behind the brand: work, dedication, intuition, values, innovation and sustainability. We started talking about graphical stories that could transfer their values. Our first project planned an impact campaign, to break all previous work and refresh all what had been done so far and to develop a new way to show their products based on the company values and how they would lead their way to the market. The result was to launch a campaign showing their new products of last Orgatec Fair (October 2015). With no doubt, a complete new drive which instigate an evolution in business communication", added the designer.

The second step, according to Calabuig, "was the photography of those products in attractive architectonic spaces which, on the one hand, show the quality and design of the product, and on the other hand, would be attractive for its showmanship to its main audience: prescribers, ie, the architect or interior designer".

Last but not less important is to work in the humanisation of communication, that is, to stop thinking about the product and think about the people. "Actiu is experiencing a time of internal change, in which the product is becoming less important in respect to the people who use it. That was the end of the proposed strategy. The current campaign 'Cool Working' is one where the company ceases to be a furniture manufacturer to become a generator of space in which one feels like working", explained Luis.

Besides the sale of office furniture and the participation at this talk, Actiu donated eight Wing chairs, designed by Ramos&Bassols and awarded the prestigious If Design and Red Dot awards, to be artistically used by the art students in a specific workshop. The premise was, that in 72 hours, each team had to sketch, design and modify the image of the chair given in order to totally customise it. The end result led to some very interesting and different pieces.