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Actiu dresses the Estoril Open Tennis in Portugal

Actiu dresses the Estoril Open Tennis in Portugal

MAY 2013 | 2 minutes

Actiu comes from far to support sport, both professional as well as amateur, and on this occasion Actiu agreed to collaborate at the 24 edition of the Estoril Open tennis in Portugal which took place from 27 April to 5 May 2013 in Oeiras (Portugal).

João Lagos, director of the Open in Portugal, has conveyed his satisfaction with the results obtained following the tennis tournament, which ended with the victory of the Swiss Stanislas Wawrinka who beat David Ferrer, fourth in the world and the clear favourite. More than 40000 people passed through the Portugal Open and in the words of the organizers “has been, without doubt, one of the best and most successful sports event in 2013, both for the public attendance as well as the audience which followed it via the Eurosport television channel. We have exceeded all our expectations, taking into account that there were no positive forecasts giving the current crisis situation across the country and in neighbouring countries.”

The event brought together an important representation of Portuguese and Angolan politicians, many entrepreneurs and professionals linked to the construction industry, architecture and design, as well as the world of football. Besides the tennis competition, the attendees were able to enjoy cultural side activities, concerts and other types of entertainments.

Actiu has collaborated with the Estoril Open as a VIP Sponsor, installing the most suitable office furniture in the Customer services areas, press/tv room, VIP room and players lounge by getting professional players who participated in the tournament as well as the rest of the attendees to feel that each space is friendly, comfortable and with an elegant avant guard design. According to the testimony of the director of the tournament  João Lagos, “we have never before, in the 24 years of this event,  had the facilities equipped to such a high quality level of office furniture in terms of quality and design.”

Throughout the history of Actiu it has maintained a strong commitment with sports and athletes, understanding that sport is not only a competition but as one of the values that defines It's firm.