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Actiu opens the debate at Valencia Habitat trade fair with a round table “New ways to feel and experience space”

Actiu opens the debate at Valencia Habitat trade fair with a round table “New ways to feel and experience space”

FEBRUARY 2016 | 4 minutes

Imagine a great sphere of soundproofed colours, in the middle of the grounds at a music festival. Hundreds of large LED balls surround the site and change colour in time with the music. Music heard through headphones, but which makes you feel there, inside, thanks to the environment created for the installation and to a floor which vibrates to the rhythm of music. We would like to present "The Dome", one of the experiential projects by Hector Serrano, a Valencian designer, who developed it for the Coachella Music and Art Festival 2013, in California, from his agency Borealis. A unique experience, a temple of light and music and thanks to its design,it is a space which is hard to forget by those who will be able to enjoy it firsthand.

« The Dome »
by Héctor Serrano

This was one of the projects that was presented at the round table “New ways to feel and experience space”, organised by Actiu at the Habitat trade fair in Valencia. Furthermore the designer Hector Serrano, participated amongst other professionals from the world of architecture, design and interior design, chaired by the journalist and editor of Houzz, Tachy Mora.

Exhibits by each speaker were shown, from real life pieces of work, such as from the design of the environment, the ambience, lighting, colour and the furniture which influenced people in a powerful way, in regards to their daily activities, their physical and mental state and ultimately their well-being.

“Creating experiences”. That was the main dream of Paco Roncero when he instructed the Valencian interior designer Carmen Baselga to design his new space and workshop where he could experiment and invite people to try the latest trends in his kitchen

Carmen Baselga is a leading interior designer from the Valencian community, with projects mainly in the world of gastronomy and cooking at home. Her project for Paco Roncero consisted of creating a specific room, located in the same building as the Casino in Madrid where the chef has his restaurant, where he is able to experiment with new recipes, trends, textures and flavours and at the time, he is able to select small guest groups for tasting.

“The challenge was to design a multi-sensory space where the senses were crucial. Where the colours, the temperature and the sound produce emotions through taste and enable an experiential space which goes beyond just tables and chairs”, explained Carmen when talking about this inspiring project.

Fran Silvestre, one of the architects with the greatest potential from Valencian, explained two of his latest projects from the table. “An impossible place” and “Something more than rehabilitation”. The first exhibition was about “The house on the cliff”, a project thought impossible because of its location, on a cliff on the Valencian coast. “As an architect I like to make the impossible possible: build a house in the air, walk on water, give life to an steep plot...build projects for the people so they feel that these are theirs and endorse them”, he explained.

And that is how, from his architectural studio, he gave life and structure to the house apparently unreachable, located in a very steep area but beautiful landscape. His “house in a pine wood”, although still under construction, is another challenge: to create a new identity without destroying the house and its history. Thus they have to respect the history lived in each space, each room, of the house and its surroundings. “To redo and reinterpret their rooms without destroying them and all that in the middle of a wild pinewood that involves the family from the past, the present and the future”, said the architect.

A company is much more than its production capacity, its sales network or its international presence. It is their values, their way of understanding the world and its philosophy which also marks its DNA and its way to stand out in a crowded marketplace of brands and products. To do this Actiu has long since realised the power of communication and has put it in the hands of Odosdesign to trace a common pathway.

Luis Calabuig, representing Odosdesign but also as a close connoisseur of the brand, explained at the round table this history and how it has initiated a communicative language that has led to the current “Cool Working”, a work philosophy where design, interior design, products and strategy have come together to create more inspiring spaces and therefore is more productive and efficient. Everything comes together and it is based on a good communicative strategy.

As it has become usual in recent years, at the end of the round table, Actiu, from its stand has hosted a small appetizer for the speakers, as well as, a raffle for two Wing chairs, designed by Ramos & Bassols and awarded with If Design and Red Dot. This year the winner was a design pupil from the Polytechnic University in Valencia who in situ was able to select their favourite model to be delivered to their home later on.

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