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Actiu participates at the most important interior architecture fair in the USA

Actiu participates at the most important interior architecture fair in the USA

JUNY 2015 | 2 minutes

USA is a vast market of 310 million people, the largest economy in the world, representing about 25% of the total world production. The country absorbs 16% of the global imports and is the main source (19%) and recipient of international investment (15%). Its income per head is about $ 47,200.

“In the long term the American market is a guarantee of excellence, strategic vision, dedication and continuity in the internationalization effort. However, bearing in mind that this is a highly competitive, costly and difficult market to enter, subject to permanent transformation and innovation" (according to the study 'The American market for Spanish companies' Ricardo Martinez Rico).

Actiu has participated for second time at NeoCon, the most important event in the US commercial interiors industry, which meets annually at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, the best people, the most important products and the most innovative ideas. Marcos Gonzalez, director of International Projects at Actiu notes that "our presence at NeoCon responds to a well-defined international strategy which aims to publicize gradually but decisively, the Actiu brand as prior to the distribution of our product step in the US market".

The United States possesses very advanced technologically, well diversified and with a great weight of the service sector economy. Actiu already has a showroom and distributors in Miami, its first contact with the US realized through an affinity with its roots, culture and traditions that bind the Hispanic community (majority in the area) and Spanish. The next step in which it is working is to try and get the brand presence in key areas of economic influence in the country and according to the Census Bureau, 2010, they are: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, Miami, Houston, Washington DC, Atlanta, Boston, and San Francisco.

According to Marcos González, “when you go to NeoCon it is to stay. At the moment the event has coincided with the expansion strategy of Actiu and it is time to address the American market". Actiu has come with the support of ICEX which has promoted the presence of several Spanish companies at this fair.

Actiu is aware that the star at NeoCon are the large multinational companies based in the US, who also keep their exhibitions open all year, for permanent showrooms. It is a model of a fair and the products are very different to those from the European market. While Europe is increasingly consolidating the open office model, the US closed offices using booths still remain. Nevertheless European products are received as synonymous with quality, innovation and design.

NeoCon is a good showcase and starting point for introducing the brand and products in the US market. However it is not enough to be present, according to the distributor and partner of Actiu in the area, Julian Duque, "it is a reference fair and icon in the American market. The companies involved have to show all their potential and capacity of the company because it is a very demanding market and customer-service oriented".