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Actiu's Red Dot chairs at the night of Architecture, Design and Solidarity

Actiu's Red Dot chairs at the night of Architecture, Design and Solidarity

MAY 2013 | 2 minutes

Actiu collaborated with the College of Architects in Alicante (CTAA) sharing the solidarity evening on Architecture and Design, which was held on 31 May and which brought together around 200 people from citizens, architects, politicians and companies in which design and architecture are present in some aspects.

Actiu maintains a strong link with designers and architects and thus gives its cooperation and support to CTAA via training courses and conferences for it's associates in Facility management, such as employers on promotion and diffusion of the social network “Plazatio” which connects companies, architecture and society. Also via the participation of forums and debates on design, architecture and sustainability, some of which have been organized at the Actiu Technology Park facilities, donated for the occasion.

During the event, characterized by solidarity and with the aim to raise funds for Architects without barriers (ASF), a product design exhibition was opened  MADE BY ARCHITECTS, which can be visited during the month of June and until 22 July in the CTAA  headquarters. The show brings together more than 75 products designed by architects or well known international designers, and which in part have been donated to ASF. Actiu brought Tnk 500 and Plek chairs to the exhibition, both awarded with the prestigious International Red Dot Product Design Award.

Notably, the College of Architects in Alicante is one of the most active in Spain and with great capacity to generate quality projects which link professionals of architecture with companies of our territory. According to OAMI- Registration of trademarks office, European Union designs, Alicante is the second province in Spain for the highest number of registered Industrial designs, furthermore they highlighted that out of the 10 Spanish companies that registered with OAMI, 5 were from Alicante. According to Luis Berenguer, representative of the Presidents´s office from OAMI and one of the speakers at the opening of the exhibition said that "the area of Alicante could be a great International focus relevant to the field of design." a vision shared by the College of Architects and the firms that attended the event like Actiu.

The Alicante party of architecture, design and solidarity, concluded at a charity dinner attended by prominent personalities such as the honorable Señora Dña. Asunción Sánchez Zaplana, the Social Welfare Councillor for the Valencian government, as well as, the singer Soledad Giménez, the vocalist of the musical group Presuntos Implicados for twenty-three years.