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Cool Working® is introduced in Prague by Capexus

Cool Working® is introduced in Prague by Capexus

OCTOBER 2017 | 3 minutes

The Czech Republic has become an oasis of growth and stability within Europe. Since joining the European Union 10 years ago, the size of its economy has doubled, unemployment has fallen to the lowest in all of the EU, and its currency – the Czech koruna – has risen nearly 20% against the euro.

Prague, the country’s capital, is considered the richest city in Central Europe. It has been able to absorb the national and international labour force attracted by the city’s prosperity. As an example, the demand for workers is for 726,000 people while the city’s active population is only 600,000. In addition, one of the sectors that has grown the most in the first decade of the 21st century is construction, with a more than 50% increase in terms of the value of developed buildings.

CAPEXUS, an Actiu partner in the area, is experimenting growth in the same upward trend as the rest of the country. In the last five years, they have gone from having a team of two people to 65, and designing more than 250,000 square metres of new work environments for more than 300 companies. Created by two friends, Daniel Matula and Karel Konečný, it has specialised in turnkey projects thanks to the effective management of its multidisciplinary team, composed of architects, interior designers and consultants. Capexus masters the entire execution process, having the support of relevant business partners in each phase.  

Cool Working® is part of the philosophy that CAPEXUS transmits in all of the projects it carries out for its clients, in addition to in its own facilities, which were recently inaugurated in a three-story building in the Czech capital. The company’s rapid growth has favoured their move to this new showroom, distributed according to the Cool Working concepts with a Collaboration Zone, Learning Zone, Concentration Zone and Socialisation Zone, which have been designed according to the teachings of feng shui to distribute the energy throughout the space in a positive way.

It is a multifunctional environment where the product is put on display not only to be observed, but also to be experienced. As a result, the Prague showroom organises yoga sessions and massages for its workers and offers facilities for giving presentations or conferences to other companies.

Carmen Berbegal, Director of Corporate Reputation at Actiu, travelled from Spain to be present at the inauguration of the new CAPEXUS facilities. As she commented, “this is a great opportunity for Actiu to work intensively in the Czech Republic. With this new office, Capexus has the leverage it needs to give greater impetus and visibility to all of the work it performs and to show what they are really capable of.

The new facilities allow them to access another type of client, someone who is more innovative with an international profile, looking for companies that are committed to differentiation and a fresh vision”.

The inauguration of the new CAPEXUS offices took place during an informal reception attended by approximately 70 guests including clients, collaborators and Facility Managers, who got the chance to enjoy the new virtual reality glasses, a varied tasting of gastronomic products and live music.