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Creative spaces that inspire the best ideas

Creative spaces that inspire the best ideas

MARCH 2021 | 2 minutes

Ideas and creativity are always at the heart of any project, while the team members are its greatest asset. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance for all of them to have the necessary resources to show and share their talent. The first tool should be a comfortable space that stimulates coming up with ideas while fostering teamwork, based on the premises of health and well-being.

Collaborative environments encourage people to participate, to contribute and to feel listened to. Providing the necessary equipment for them to connect, innovate and think outside the box fosters their involvement in the project. At a time when attracting and retaining talent is key, these spaces cannot be put together at random. In this way, creating collaborative and safe environments opens the door to new perspectives and opportunities.

The last few months have shown that new remote working models are possible, along with the decisive role played by connection, communication and socialisation between team members. Personal relationships generate trust and bonds that cannot be replaced by screens, and these creative spaces can provide this intangible value.

To achieve this, flexible offices and workspaces now require furniture solutions that enable ever-changing environments to be configured, where ideas flow and new paths are forged. Furthermore, they must also improve processes, get the most out of every square metre and drive transformation.

This is why shared spaces, in particular those intended for creative work, as well as ergonomics, require versatile furniture that is mobile and easily adaptable to the needs of each task, providing the maximum possible levels of safety while facilitating the implementation of methodologies such as the Agile methodology, which prioritises creativity and flexibility in projects. 

This agility of the elements that equip the space goes far beyond just the chairs and tables, with modular and flexible solutions that combine functionality and design, such as those that Actiu has incorporated in its Agile Guide. A collection that provides product proposals ranging from mobile Tiers that enable spaces to be quickly and efficiently redesigned to Caddy 500 mobile stands that can incorporate blackboards and screens while offering privacy. Actiu's new Agile products include decorative sound absorbing panels which improve the acoustic comfort of the space, as well as supporting side tables for informal spaces. All of them are particularly suitable for environments where several people come together, to which, furthermore, the value of design is added.

Solutions that help to revitalise the entire creative process and thereby foster innovation based on pooling, with safety at the heart thereof. Therefore, the better designed and equipped the collaborative space in a company is, the greater the opportunity its staff will have to contribute value for the future.

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