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Fluit, a 100% sustainable mediterranean chair, a new multifunctional solution

Fluit, a 100% sustainable mediterranean chair, a new multifunctional solution

FEBRUARY 2022 | 2 minutes

Sustainability has been part of Actiu's DNA since its inception. From its processes to its facilities and products, every detail has been paid attention to and improved to minimise the use of materials, limit its impact on the environment and foster reuse and recycling, in the interests of... the circular economy.

In this regard, in 2019 Actiu's Technology Park became the first industrial complex in the world to jointly receive the WELL v2 and LEED certifications in the Platinum category, which accredit the company's headquarters as a healthy and sustainable space, which ensures the well-being of the people who work inside it and takes care of the environment outside it.

This commitment to sustainability goes a step further with the launch of the Fluit chair, a 100% sustainable concept that uses both recycled polypropylene and recycled fibreglass.

Fluit is a stackable chair capable of adapting to different corporate and hospitality environments and represents the first collaboration between the brand and the Italian studio Archirivolto Design, whose design was inspired by a large Dutch sailing ship from the 16th century, designed to guarantee transoceanic shipping by optimising space and providing high efficiency for the crew. This design, which stands out for its fluid nature and sensitivity, has been brought to life in a slender and light yet very stable and robust piece.

Fluit is thus born from the sea, a Mediterranean Sea that is part of our Italian, Spanish and European culture. And it is conceived as a multifunctional piece, capable of blending into all environments: hospitality, work and training”, says Archirivolto Design.

80% of the material used is recycled and certified plastic, created from post-consumer recycled plastic from the Andalusian agricultural sector. Fibreglass makes up the remaining 20% of the material and is also recycled. To create this chair, Actiu used an innovative gas injection process, which strengthens its resistance and gives it a delicate finish that's soft to the touch. In addition, following Actiu's philosophy, the production process for the Fluit chair is based on the local economy.

Fluit is also a multifunctional solution, which comes with and without armrests to respond to different needs, also allowing a padded cushion to be incorporated to provide greater ergonomics and to which a wide range of trendy colour combinations is added.

The fluid lines of its design, together with its lightness and stability, allow Fluit to fit into different environments at a time when the boundaries between spaces are blurring and uses and needs are merging and evolving, and it can also be used in covered outdoor areas.

Fluit has therefore emerged to provide a comfortable and functional response to all these needs. A chair with meticulously created shapes that represents an innovation from both a technical and a design point of view.