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From paper to virtual reality: new avenues for defining spaces

From paper to virtual reality: new avenues for defining spaces

APRIL 2019 | 2 minutes

For centuries, architects and designers captured their ideas, dreams and projects with charcoal in hand, first on parchment, and then on paper. Technology has made the leap from paper to the computer and from there to virtual reality, a tool of the present and the future for the visualisation of projects.

The first step came with the advent of computer science, depicting imagined realities in two abstract dimensions, but the arrival of 3D technologies and virtual reality opens up a new universe of possibilities for architectural and interior design.

 In line with that evolution, Actiu's planning and project department has been investigating and implementing this technology in order to respond to the needs of architects and interior designers, extending the presence of its products to the media and platforms in three dimensions used by professionals.

This commitment to virtual reality, of which the Actiu Virtual Tour 360º system is the first step, means we can depict ideas and concepts in an orderly and very visual manner, generating a unique experience in the future space of the user, with an immersive design that generates new sensations and interactions.

This sensory phase allows us to complete a design process that begins in the sketches and is then physically embodied in the technical drawings before, finally, the spaces are fleshed out with a whole series of features and fittings that allow us to convey the final essence of the project, with all its details and particular characteristics.

This additional information, which is based on technologies linked to mixed reality, allows us to minimise errors, humanise spaces, modify them on the go, and to bring them closer to the professional who conceives of them as well as to the end user in order to simplify the decision-making process.

In the era of digitalisation, Actiu's virtual reality technology facilitates a new experience for the client, anticipating their needs, gathering information in an intelligent manner and generating a streamlined and efficient communications channel with the user.

A process of work in continuous evolution, in the future we will offer the "Top Experience" in which the user will be able to interact with the furniture and the space, creating his custom project through virtual reality.

The 21st century has brought enormous changes in terms of technology and communications and has opened up a new horizon, where what is imagined connects with what is real and where we can feel immersed in a digital space and become intimately familiar with it long before that project becomes a reality. Faced with these new technological challenges, Actiu will always be at the forefront of customer service.