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Gaia, an efficient and intuitive solution in the Cofidis facilities

Gaia, an efficient and intuitive solution in the Cofidis facilities

OCTOBER 2021 | 2 minutes

Gaia by Actiu® is a project that was developed to help companies achieve the best possible conditions in their workspaces. And wherever this smart platform has been installed, it is doing just that: providing the knowledge people need to improve the efficiency of these spaces and the well-being of those who use them.

The Cofidis facilities in Barcelona are just one example of this. Gaia by Actiu® has been up and running in their offices for a few months, with close to 80 devices, providing all of its advantages regarding the measurement of parameters such as noise level, humidity, air quality, lighting and the reservation of workspaces, thus guaranteeing social distancing measures through the Gaia App that is available to all employees.

Thanks to the devices installed in the open spaces and in the meeting rooms, it is also possible to measure the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the environment, as well as the levels of PM 2.5 and PM 10 particles suspended in the air, which determines whether or not a space needs to be ventilated.

Cofidis' interest in Gaia by Actiu®  was in response to the company's commitment to sustainability, technology and the well-being of its team. In this regard, according to Cofidis, the experience has been "very positive" since it has allowed them to "monitor the environment and improve the well-being" of all the people who use these spaces.

"The level of detail is quite high and takes place in real time. Gaia by Actiu® is streets ahead of other similar tools on the market, especially because of how intuitive and easy the app is to use", the brand has pointed out.

"The conclusion we can draw from Gaia is that, even if you think that the building you have is efficient and the level of well-being is high, there is always room for improvement. In this regard, we believe that Gaia is an ideal application for improving and monitoring the level of comfort of each workspace", they said. Thus, they especially appreciate how the knowledge provided by this smart tool has allowed them to adopt concrete measures to improve their facilities.

Actiu's premise has always been to provide well-being to the users of the spaces they furnish, whether they're meant for individual and collective work, study or socialisation. For this reason, the brand's professional furniture and design of workspaces through the Cool Working® philosophy has been enhanced by Gaia by Actiu®, which puts smart technology and digitalisation at the service of a global concept of well-being.