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A trendy Home Office: Nordic efficiency and industrial productivity

A trendy Home Office: Nordic efficiency and industrial productivity

NOVEMBER 2020 | 3 minutes

Work flexibility has helped many companies and workers to boost their productivity. It has been years since new working methodologies started being implemented, in which employees have not had to share the same physical space, resulting in the same or even better results. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, digitalisation processes have accelerated and remote working, which was gradually gaining ground, has been quickly rolled out in the vast majority of companies. 

Although it was on the rise, many people have now been forced to make space available for work in their homes for the first time. According to a recent study conducted by Actiu study, 46% of people created a cobbled together and temporary work station in their home.

Nevertheless, the current situation shows that having a suitable place to work in at home is necessary, either on a regular basis or from time to time, taking into account comfort and well-being.

Nordic style: simplify and enjoy the peace and quiet

The vast array of furniture options for workplaces makes it possible to work in a domestic space in better conditions of comfort, in particular in terms of the ergonomics of chairs and tables that, in turn, lead to good postural health. All this, without compromising the interior design style sought thanks to the versatility and variety of designs on offer. 

Home Office
One of the interior design trends that has had the greatest impact on homes is the Nordic style. Its simplicity, together with a focus on open spaces and using only what is strictly essential, contributes to keeping the space nice and tidy, transmitting calm and serenity, extremely useful vibes in any workplace. It is a style that uses very few pieces of furniture, so the functionality of the furniture it does use is vital.

An office table and chair are of the utmost importance. The former, in white or light colours, the classics of this style, will be at the heart of a Nordic style Home Office. 

To round off the functionality of the space, nothing beats a good storage unit with drawers to avoid having visible elements that clutter the room. Opt for natural materials such as wood and glass and always give preference to light colours such as white or grey for a truly Nordic style Home Office. 

Industrial style: keep productivity up from home too

As far as interior design is concerned, the industrial style has remained trendy over the years, ever since the 1950s when artists and immigrants from New York started taking over abandoned factories and using them as somewhere to live, as they could not afford apartments in downtown Manhattan. They did not carry out too many renovations so that is why their main features are large windows, exposed materials or wide-open spaces. 

Home Office

In a home work space, this style of interior design, with metal, glass and black and metallic colours as key elements, enables recreating a real workplace and achieving the same level concentration and productivity as working in the office.

Technology takes on a special role in this interior design style, so proposals such as the Talent 500 height-adjustable table, which enables working standing up or sitting down, complemented by the avant-garde TNK Flex chair in shades of grey and black are the perfect choice for an industrial-style home office.

Finish off with lamps with visible bulbs and other details in materials such as cord, leather, steel or untreated wood and go for dark colours (brown, grey and black are the best options) for an industrial style workspace that is ready for productive days at work.

When designing a personal Home Office, it is important to maintain the same level of performance as that achieved in a traditional office.