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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
Design and comfort make your spaces more humane and sustainable.

Design and comfort make your spaces more humane and sustainable.

SEPTEMBER 2023 | 3 minutes

Design and comfort combine to create more welcoming and sustainable spaces. The new Soft Seating collection, developed in collaboration with renowned designers such as Ramón Esteve, Odosdesign, Arnau Reyna, Stone Design and the Italian studio Archirivolto Design, takes comfort to the next level.

Following the Mediterranean essence, the new programmes focus on tranquillity and relaxation, providing pieces that make any space more human, versatile and environmentally friendly.

These proposals, the result of collaboration with renowned designers, bring innovation and complementary perspectives full of colour, creativity, dynamism and comfort, offering the peace of mind needed in everyday life.

New items such as the industrial-style armchair by Ramón Esteve, with its distinctive perimeter tube and exquisite upholstery.

ramon esteve

Globb by Stone Design, which evokes the flowing, harmonic movements of ballooning, made all the difference. 

globb stone design

Meanwhile, Owwi by Arnau Reyna provides a cosy experience thanks to its enveloping backrest.

waiting room furniture

On the other hand, Dorik by Odosdesign is inspired in Greek architecture to create a sophisticated collection of tables, while Ypse by Archirivolto Design becomes a bench that takes advantage of the spelling of the letter Y to organise the space.

The new Soft Seating programmes also include creations from Actiu's Product department, such as Smara, Eidos and Cuic, which shared space at Hábitat, together with other representative collections of the brand such as the Fluit and Bee chairs or the Tubbe shelving.

Download our Soft Seating catalogue and discover how design can turn space into a more human and sustainable place, where comfort, wellbeing and the user are at the centre of everything.
catalogo soft seating

All these proposals follow design trends in the contract sector, as well as in other types of spaces such as corporate, commercial, educational and hospitality. The key to the spaces of the future is for design to be able to create flexible systems and formats that adapt to needs that have yet to be discovered. The collection will be available in a variety of colours and sizes.

The Soft Seating collection, together with the Qyos acoustic booths, was the focal point at the recent Hábitat fair, a crucial event for the furniture sector at national and international level. Proposals were presented that promote the creation of more human, comfortable and adaptable spaces, where wellbeing is paramount.

The industry is committed to working closely with all professionals involved in a project - architects, builders, interior designers - using recycled and recyclable materials that are safe and healthy. Therefore, materials and furnishings are increasingly relevant and must be adaptable, flexible and adjustable for different uses and people. This vision of the future in the design of spaces, which has been the cornerstone of Actiu's work for 55 years, is the cornerstone of the company's work.

lobby university residence

This idea is also embodied in the 'Work From Anywhere Hub' installation, designed by Eli Gutiérrez, in collaboration with Actiu in the exhibition 'Scenarios of a Near Future'. It reflects an evolution towards more humanised, relaxed and flexible workspaces that go beyond the traditional office environment to embrace other locations, whether in the home or in hybrid environments.

Spaces that benefit from the versatility, fluidity and, above all, comfort provided by all the novelties of the new Soft Seating collection.