Bratislava Showroom. The natural meeting point of markets and cultures

September 2016 | News

Ancient trade routes such as the Amber Road or the Danube River Route have crossed through Bratislava throughout history. As the capital of Slovakia, it is the only capital city in the world that borders two countries (Austria and Hungary). Its geographical position in Central Europe has turned it into the natural convergence for international trade. 

Actiu is opening a new showroom in Bratislava, with the help of its partner in the region, Spaceplan Factory, a studio of architects and interior designers whose work is completely focused on the CoolWorking objectives: delivering integral solutions that enable clients to have a better working environment. 

The new space, comprising some 300 square metres divided between two floors. is configured according to new workspace trends that combine wellbeing with productivity. In this way, two vertical gardens, one of which has natural vegetation, bring freshness, colour and nature to the exhibition. 

For the opening of the new Actiu showroom in Bratislava, the company's president and founder, Vicente Berbegal, has travelled from Spain.

Along with the CEO of Spaceplan Factory, Ladislav Vilner, and a large representation of prescribing professionals, he has highlighted the enormous possibilities of a small country with a market that is relatively small, yet enjoys global visibility due to the characteristics of the region's inhabitants as agile, flexible and with a large capacity for adaptation

From the new Actiu space in Bratislava, Spaceplane Factory has already carried out some attractive projects for internationally renowned companies. 

One of the most distinguished works was that carried out by PWC (formerly Price Water House), one of the largest professional service firms in the world, which provides auditing, consulting, legal and tax advice services to the main companies, institutions and governments on a global scale. It is the most important company in the Big Four.

The consultancy firm was looking to create a space that was capable of transmitting the brand's prestige, that is both elegant and functional, to the 400 employees at its headquarters in Bratislava. The result was to conjugate quality with the most avant-garde design of Actiu products, like the Arkitek desk or the comfortable functional chair, TNK 500. The project has been nominated for the Best Office Awards in Slovakia, for which the definitive results will be known at the end of October.

Another project carried out in Bratislava is that of the 150 workers at the multi-national insurance firm AXA who already have an airy and light-filled working environment, where open space is the protagonist. A project which directly competed with the local manufacturers and knew how to position itself to guarantee quality/price.

Cetelem is a specialised banking entity in consumer credit loans that has also opted for the Actiu combination - Spaceplan Factory to create the most comfortable and inspiring stmosphere for the 80 professionals who work in their offices in the Slovakian capital. Using the solutions offered by the Spanish firm, they have created areas for socialising such as the kitchen and lounge areas, into which they have added elements in the company's corporate chrome colour range.

Bratislava is currently the richest and most prosperous economic region of Slovakia. Furthermore, they have the second highest GDP level (after Prague) out of the new EU member states in any region. Its proximity to Western Europe, the qualified workforce and the high concentration of universities and research centres have been enough of a motivation for numerous international firms to move into the Slovakian capital.

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