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Destination: Orgatec. When work styles do not distinguish cultures

Destination: Orgatec. When work styles do not distinguish cultures

OCTOBER 2016 | 5 minutes

The digital transformation that is happening across the world is changing our way of life. The fruits of this change have appeared as new trends and methodologies in the workplace, which has in turn changed the way we interact with one another. Everyone is different, but we all have common needs: to feel good and give our best at all times. Space is a key element to accompany and enhance this attitude, regardless of the work that's going on.

After venturing out to learn more about the different working models and to find ways to equip them so that their occupants are happier, to make your work more #CoolWorking, Actiu wil be attending Orgatec in Cologne from 25 to 29 October. CoolWorking is a way of understanding life and work, where the needs of each person and the little touches are key to daily well-being. In Hall 9.1. Stand B038-C039 of the Orgatec fair in Cologne, Actiu will present the conclusions of this fascinating journey through the different viewpoints of six individuals from six different cultures. Their viewpoints reveal to us their particular way of working at the same time, but in different time zones.




New York

7:00 am 

Aaron does not envisage one stable work space, where he is unable to move or change the space. Long periods spent out filming mean he has become accustomed to highly flexible environments, and it's also where he feels at ease. So, our Longo model is perfect for him, because it allows you to combine, in the same structure, a table for work and a sofa for relaxing, switching tasks and scenes without moving any more than a few metres.

Flexibility is key for him. The same goes for being able to manage his time freely. As a complement, the easily movable and light work chair, Cron, comes into play. It allows him to remain seated and work on in a different part of his studio - for example, at his assistant's table.




Rio de Janeiro

8.00 am

Paulo expresses his values and principles through his art. These are also expressed through the environment around him with a carefully selected range of furniture and complements. He has managed to enable an interaction between all of the pieces.

The Prisma table takes place of pride in the study. High, wide, with straight, soft lines, it allows him to work standing up, to be close to his easels and to keep his feet in motion whilst he's working by himself or with others. For those moments where full concentration is needed, the Efit seat comes into play. With its stool and footrest option, it means he work on whilst remaining upright, even when his legs need a little rest.





12.00 pm

It's lunchtime in London. John is a meticulous and organised person. And that's his little secret to keep himself one step ahead of the big city's rat race: gridlock, calls, notifications... His day is always being interrupted by different things.

John's taste is classic, but contemporary, so he prefers modest furniture that is both functional and comfortable. Practical and efficient pieces which are identical to him and his routines, pieces which look after him whilst he's working, preventing any aches, pains or posture problems. John works on a Mobility elevated table, which means he can work sitting down or standing. Alongside the table, the TNK Flex seat helps John get through the long hours that he needs to review and prepare reports. The seat adjusts to his movements as if it were his second skin.





1.00 pm

María, a young Madridian, dedicates her life to her main passions: writing, decorating and fashion. Some time ago, she began to write about her day-to-day in her blog. And now she has a wide range of followers who want to know more about what's she's doing around the clock.

Maria puts her sustainable stamp on each and every one of her outlets: fashion that respects the environment, developing healthy habits or designing interiors that take into account the wellbeing of the users. She's passionate about working in different places, sharing her experiences. And now she's able to do just that thanks to modern technology. Her faithful smartphone and her trusty computer are always by her side so that's she's always 'connected'.





7.00 pm

As an economist, Gong rarely has a moment where he can disconnect from the world. Surrounded by statistics, graphs and digits, Gong wants to avoid all the tension and escape through a spot of quiet reading.

It's seven in the evening and there's still work to be done. It looks like he'll be having dinner in the office tonight. Modern technology makes up part of his life, meaning he's always connected to the world outside. With a simple, constant flow, technology allows him to get on with his work as it gives him access to the facts and figures he needs. Technology is with him even when he's taking a breather. He's able to enjoy this whilst sitting in the Badminton armchair, armed with his tablet and some hot tea. There he's able to re-gain his strength, clear his thoughts and get through the last hurdles of the day.





9.00 pm

Design and adventure are two of Ellen's passions. She's a young Australian who designs interiors. From her office, which fully reflects her cheerful, practical and minimalist personality, Ellen works on a scale model, goes over fabrics and cuts patterns. She does all this whilst chatting away about new ideas with her co-workers via video-conferencing. She very much values freedom of choice and autonomy when getting on with her work.

Through colours, Ellen defines her style and pours her personality in every single one of her creations. The Twist table gives her the required room to work. Meanwhile, the Efit operational chair, complete with cobalt blue upholstery, gives Ellen the comfort she needs and it goes perfectly well with the colour range in her study.

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