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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.

An elegant executive table with a Nordic-style design

Design from a new perspective

The Nordic-inspired elegance and sophistication of PRISMA lies in its pyramid-shaped legs, which give the table a compact, one-piece look where each element forms part of the table as a whole.

Manufactured in steel, it comes with different options of finishes and combinations that recreate wood, offering a natural appearance thanks to an innovative coating technique that mimics this finish.

Everything in its place

Thanks to its incredible operability, this traditional looking system allows progressive developments, even presenting solutions for upper management and drawer units. Together with PRISMA, an exclusive range of complementary accessories has been designed, as well as its own system of screens that are fastened directly onto the table top, offering not just great stability, it looks great too!

You make Prisma

PRISMA adapts to any space thanks to a wide range of office and meeting desks that provide maximum versatility for all types of spaces and projects. PRISMA tables open up a wide range of possibilities, with aluminium profiles or guides for fastening 3rd level elements, upholstered, sound-absorbing, glass or methacrylate.

0% Formaldehyde

All tabletops in the PRISMA range comply with ACTIU's commitment to sustainability and well-being, with 0% Formaldehyde certification as standard.

Thanks to the innovative coating technique that recreates wood, the PRISMA range offers the user a feeling of warmth and well-being in its office and meeting desks. A versatile product that adapts to our needs and optimises our day-to-day lives.