Engineering project applied to architecture

April 2011 | News


to the Actiu Technology Park

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A huge steel cover supported by a glass box has been welcomed to the Technological Park, Actiu. The new marquee opened recently, marks the entrance of the facilities.

The marquee is aesthetic and functional in one gesture. With the use of steel, it answers the design objectives, obtaining the maximum visual slenderness. Avoiding the additional coating systems. An emblem that transmits different values, design, simplicity, technology and forefront.

With the design of the huge metallic cover, the project outlines the space in a simple way, getting a spectacular flight show. The metal structure is projected to 5m high, its section is joined by 2 horizontal sheets. Completing the section in this space between the plates and attached to the same, there is a network of orthogonal lattice and sheets giving more rigidity and resistance to all.

Thus, you get to answer the requirements of the project covering a large area (240m2) with a light structure that transmits loads to the ground in 4 central points located inside the monitoring box.

The cover is articulated with a series based on full and empty, organized on a grid, which contributes to that game so characteristic of the sun and shade of the Mediterranean Reminiscence, now updated with this project. The structure defines a floor space of 12m x 20m, with 4 support points and an overhand of 8.50m in the directions of East and West, and 3m perpendicular. The project uses 60 tons of steel to give an image of extreme lightness.

With this building Tomas LLavador Architects and Engineers have completed the project at the Technological Park, Actiu, confirming that it is possible that a model destined to be a corporate building is beyond functionality, creating a beautiful surrounding and one that is kind in its values such as efficiency, versatility and sustainability which all come together in the use of optimising materials and resources.

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