Who says sustainability and business are not compatible?

May 2012 | News

On May 8th Professional Conferences on Sustainability took place at IED - Institute of European Design, Barcelona and Actiu along with the company Santa & Cole were invited with the objective to make known its Industrial and business philosophy, demonstrating that sustainability, innovation and design improve competitiveness and its position in the market.

The opening of the ceremony was led by Oriol Guimera, content director of the Master of Sustainable Design of Products in IED Barcelona, as well as, Manager, Researcher and Product Designer in Guimeraicinca. Guimera stressed that "the present and future of our economy is in promoting new sustainable business models and the pursuit for excellence"

During the forum, Soledat Berbegal from Actiu and Josep Mª Serra from Santa & Cole reinforced the arguments put forward by Guimera, coinciding that the differentiation between a brand and its competitors is in the manufacture of efficient products with a sustainable productive philosophy. With regards to this, Berbegal made known the productive process used in  Actiu Technological Park, the first industrial project in Europe to be certified with LEED Gold by the USGBC, thanks to its efficient energy, explanation of the protocol of ecodesign material and innovation carried out at Actiu which has allowed it to position its brand in over 60 countries with values that identify it through the use of friendly materials, maximum optimization of production processes and a strong commitment towards the territory.

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