Work from home efficiently like a pro

November 2020 | News

Equipping a workspace entails much more than just furnishing it. It involves conceiving and designing the places where people spend a third of their day so that they can do so in the best conditions of well-being and safety. Actiu has been working for people for 50 years, and if people are now going to be working from home, that is where we want to provide solutions.

Many professionals from different industries have had no other choice but to set up an office space in their homes; although without implementing the necessary measures for them to be able to do their jobs in a comfortable, safe or ergonomic manner. Nevertheless, working from home means spending the same number of hours in the home office as we do at the traditional office. During this time, the body can suffer and musculoskeletal disorders of all kinds can arise. With that in mind, ergonomics must be the basis of all the products that are to be used in Home Offices. Because the objective is to feel as if you are in a professional environment, with the help of furniture designed for professionals. 

That is why, given the current situation, well-being has never been more important; it is the key to a productive day at work even when working remotely, in an environment that is not usually used as an office and where there are likely to be distractions that you don´t have to deal with in the traditional office.

In this context, the need for quality furniture that guarantees comfort becomes of the utmost importance. Equipping a Home Office with products designed and manufactured for high-performance workplaces makes it possible to set up a professional space in the home while maintaining high levels of productivity and efficiency, as well as looking after health.

In the process of transferring professional quality from the office to the home, the goal should be to make this transition as easy as possible in order to keep workers healthy, safe, productive and motivated, whether they are working from home full-time or only from time to time.

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