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Dubai, London and Paris: An Internationalisation Strategy Based on Design, Wellbeing and Sustainability

Dubai, London and Paris: An Internationalisation Strategy Based on Design, Wellbeing and Sustainability

OCTOBER 2022 | 3 minutes

Good design opens up new frontiers. But you also need a solid technical base that is innovative and sustainable with an international focus, while preserving historical roots and going beyond geographical and cultural borders. This capability for design that opens new horizons and improves peoples' daily lives, no matter where they live, is one of the reasons why Actiu has been able to reach all five continents and consolidate itself in increasingly more diverse markets.

With an eye to the Middle East, Actiu has landed in Dubai with a very special space intends to reinforce its efforts to increase visibility in a strategic enclave for the prescription sector on a local and global scale. 

After 35 years of working in this region, this space will act as a meeting point for its various collaborators and clients in the Middle East, with it being strategically located and surrounded by an ecosystem of companies focused on the prescription sector that ranges from prestigious design and architecture studios to important manufacturers and distributors in the sector in the same location. 

This new showroom, based in the Dubai Design District, will also help future clients in the area to accept the brand, leading to new business opportunities in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, thanks to its positioning in a district regularly frequented by the best architects, designers and consultants from both the region and worldwide. 

Renowned names from the world of architecture and interior design attended the opening night of this new showroom, as well as specialised journalists and local government officials.

“Having a culture based around wellbeing, sustainability and efficiency, as well as our commitment to the industry, innovation and design, is a philosophy that we take beyond our borders so that our values can enrich the different places in which we work. This is something that we can achieve partly thanks to our partners who are our family. Strong partnerships with distributors who are in situ, and who know how to bring ACTIU's values and philosophy to the places where they have their businesses. This is added to our own team in these areas, who know and can perfectly convey our culture and DNA.” Vince Berbegal, International Executive Business Manager

Crossing the English Channel, another space that Actiu has redesigned is its showroom in London, from both a Mediterranean and international perspective. The corporate space in the district of Clerkenwell is therefore kicking off a new phase, in line with the new needs of a market that relies on great socioeconomic activities in order to be more competitive, after having previously been in the epicentre of multiple activities connected to Spanish gastronomy, art and design.

Designers, architects and journalists come together in one space that highlights their design, layout and selection of products, targeted at working environments and also hospitality and more versatile third spaces. 

Gaia, the smart platform for workspace management (innovation award-winner from Préventica 2022 for “The comfort of workspaces”), also has a notable presence and has generated a great deal of interest.

Finally, another strategic market for the brand is France, where Actiu has actively participated in Paris Design Week after renovating its showroom last year in the French capital, offering a fresh space full of light, colour, emotion and a very Mediterranean feel, located at number 11 on the Boulevard Bourdon with 450 square metres of space.

In conjunction with this international design event, this space (located in a historical building dating back to 1880) has formed a backdrop for many activities that have thrown a spotlight on essential themes in the world of design, ranging from the analysis of the latest trends to sustainability and wellbeing, at the heart of everything. 

Digitalisation and the metaverse have also become popular over a few days, in which Actiu has stepped up its presence in the field of French architecture and design. Likewise, the 100% sustainable Fluit chair, designed by Archirivolto Design, has illustrated the circular and "zero mile" philosophy that defines Actiu's way of working.

These new additions thus add to the diverse range of exhibition rooms and commercial spaces that the brand has across the globe and which are a tangible example of Actiu's commitment to internationalisation that is growing and getting stronger with its strategic actions.