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The ‘ABC’ of remote working: connectivity, concentration and health

The ‘ABC’ of remote working: connectivity, concentration and health

SEPTEMBER 2020 | 4 minutes

September is here and going back to work is just around the corner. After almost 6 months of living with COVID-19, companies have been adapting to this new normal and the way of working has taken a 180-degree turn: remote working is becoming increasingly widespread as a complementary option to in-office work. But not in any which way. It must comply, above all, with three premises: to enable connection, to be carried out in a sufficiently separated place in order to ensure concentration and with furniture and spaces that safeguard workers' health.

With this new option of working from home now part of our lives, the great advantages it brings have been uncovered. One of the main benefits is the flexibility it offers in all aspects of daily life. In fact, this flexibility enables work areas to be set up in satellite spaces such as hotels, cafes or airports.

Even so, a Home Office is the most common option for workers. The most important thing when it comes to setting up a home office is to organise the room in such a way that there is a clear distinction between the workspace and the rest of the home. This requires setting up a fixed workspace and having a good internet connection, a computer, an ergonomic chair that looks after your health while working, a desk and a filing space of some sort where paperwork and stationery can be put away.

Choosing the right furniture is of the utmost importance to create a functional and comfortable space that fosters efficiency. According to the Head of Innovation at the Biomechanics Institute of Valencia, Rosa Porcar, the Home Office as a regular workspace, has to meet all the occupational risk requirements and implications. In fact, this furniture has a direct influence on workers' health.

Employee health comes first; as a result, Actiu offers a range of office furniture that is capable of covering the needs of any user, without overlooking well-being, health and, above all, operability. We offer different styles so that, apart from just looking after the health of the user, they adapt to the home's interior design.

If a more contemporary design is preferred, the Nordic style, with cold coloured open spaces such as white or grey, the Stay and Efit office chairs with the Prisma desk will be the perfect choice. These three products offer a high level of comfort. The Prisma auxiliary cabinet is the complement that enables the space to respond to all the user's needs.

If a minimalist style is sought, the Noom chair, together with the Longo desk, will create a simple and serene space that will blend in with the other environments of the home. Both products, combined with the white Longo cabinet, will respond exactly to what characterises this 'less is more' style, thereby creating a versatile space according to the time of day and everyday needs.

Meanwhile, the height-adjustable Mobility desk, that boosts concentration and productivity, accompanied by the grey TNK Flex and a black auxiliary Longo cabinet, is the perfect option for an industrial-style Home Office. On the other hand, for a room with a more modern and simple style, the Vital Pro desk and the Trim chair are a great option, which can be combined with the Cubic cabinet.

The key to a workspace with a Mediterranean-style interior design is to opt for light and natural materials. To evoke the warmth of the sun, furniture in colours such as white or cream can be used. The Prisma or the Talent desk are adapted to this trend, in the same way that the Stay office chair would be another perfect option, thanks to its range of colours and shades that typify this style: brown, orange or blue.

However, the world is progressing and the Home Office is not the only remote working solution. New technologies enable working anywhere, anytime. Spaces such as hotels, cafés and coworking spaces are just as functional as home offices and enable a better work-life balance.

Hotel lobbies, cafés or even airports are spaces that have adapted perfectly to remote working. The main factors that should be sought in these places are a high-quality internet connection, wall sockets in different parts of the room and, most importantly, ergonomic furniture for user comfort. Furthermore, at present, they must comply with all the hygiene and safety measures.

Another remote working option are coworking spaces, that have become increasingly popular over the last number of years. The key when it comes to choosing the right coworking space is to ensure that it is a place where productivity is fostered. Furthermore, the coworking space enables getting to know people linked to the same field or industry, so it is a good place for networking and building positive synergies, while ensuring safety measures are adhered to at all times.

Remote working is the present and the future, so all spaces that may be used to house workspaces must be optimised, with high-quality office furniture as well as creating safe and productive environments.

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