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Seven international bloggers tell us about their ideal office at Sunny Design

Seven international bloggers tell us about their ideal office at Sunny Design

JULY 2015 | 5 minutes

Even if you work from an office, from home, from a waiting room or from the sofa...you must work at ease. And you should do it thinking on you, your health and your well-being. Very simple concepts that one forgets sometimes and generally more if your office is at home. The seven bloggers that make up Bloggertours who have passed through Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid know very well how to combine design, ergonomics, efficiency and health at their own homes, where they have their offices. All of them reconcile their work with their hobby, that is, telling the world about concepts they are passionate about: design projects, interior design or decoration, mainly related to the home. So they have gone all over seven European countries, and now, thanks to the organization of RED (Spanish for  Network Design Companies) it is the turn of Spain with a tour called #SunnyDesign.

Combining visits to companies, staying in designer hostels, meetings with designers and an authentic communicative marathon with photos on the major social networks was the daily work of the seven bloggers while visiting Spain. And on their way through Valencia, Actiu invited them to get to know their latest innovations at the Cosín studio, partner of the firm alongside Odosdesign, a design studio in charge of the Directorate of Art of this company from Alicante. Thus, via a working lunch at the premises of Cosín in Denia street, the bloggers were able to see first hand the latest developments by Actiu, their latest communication campaigns, their values, and their way of understanding workspaces.

It was at that point when Actiu invited them to participate in a descriptive game where they had to define their ideal workspace. For Igor Josifovic, author of the blog Happy Interior“his office is a place where he can be happy,and feel at home. I like many things that inspire me: colours, comfortable furniture, coffee, many plants... but in the end it is better to mix many things and, the most important, to love what you do and enjoy it”. Igor manages one of the main interior design and decoration blogs in Munich, where he is also in charge of social networks for an important German technology company. His passion is design, decorating and photography, and his blog is an excellent example of this.

For Emma Fexeus, author of one of the oldest blogs in Sweden on interior design and design, Emsdesignblogthe perfect workspace for her, isn't at the office. “I have no office nor do I need one. I love working sitting on the floor, on the sofa, or anywhere. I am passionate about dialogue, travelling and sharing experiences, and I don´t need any chairs or tables to do so. My favourite space is anywhere provided it is accompanied by a good coffee or cappuccino”, she explained. In fact, she is one of the most frequent travelers amongst bloggers of the group and a benchmark in her country.

Gerard McGuickin is an Irish writer and designer. "I like working alone and everything has to be tidy. I need everything to have a place and everything in it. But, despite the fact that my work requires great concentration, I often escape to enjoy nature, take a walk or converse with other people who give me inspiration". Gerard McGuikin published in Walnut Grey, a page where the writer speaks about "good design" from the point of view of interior designers, architects, products and lifestyles. His way of understanding the office and expressing it in the suggested exercise by Actiu, was the one awarded by the interior team of Cosín, which saw his project as the best. He returned home with the Cron management armchair, one of the latest products presented by Actiu at the latest Orgatec trade fair.

For Allan Top, Danish director of Bungalow5, one of the most influential blogs in Denmark on interior design, his workspace matches the major Nordic trends"I need large, bright spaces. A lot of order and big dimensions that enable me to have furniture, plants, sofas ... Although I am actually able to work from any space, be it a coffee shop or an airport etc, wherever there is wifi and coffee. But for me, the most important thing is to combine work and sport, a fundamental habit to maintain physical and psychological well-being", he concludes.

The Interior designer Desiree Groenendaal, from Vosges Paris, considers it essential to have a large desk: "In my work I use a lot of interior images that inspire me and help me to create. On a large, tidy desk I can work and find inspiration. I also like having large hanging images in different parts of the office, which help me to find inspiration at a simple glance. Furthermore I need another more relaxing space to listen to music while working or talking on the phone", she explains.

Anna Gustafsson, with Swedish nationality but living in Paris for many years, began writing in her blog in 2010, La Maison d’Anna G., with the aim of showing France that Scandinavian design was much more than what used to reach the Gallic country. Since then, it is a benchmark of the Nordic style, good taste and home design. Since 2012 it is even about a shop that offers a personal selection of design products for the home, where appropriate, "For me the important thing is connection. Working with or without people, but always closing the cycle. I need light, fresh air and a lot of order".

Finally, the journalist, interior designer and blogger Sussana Vento, from Finland, explained that her house was her office: "I work at home with my kids inside. It may sound crazy, but I love it"Her blog Varpunen is inspired by beauty and the Nordic minimalism, but also by daily functionality.

The experience between the team and the bloggers was really inspiring for all participants, who were infected with the Mediterranean culture and way of doing things. Together they were able to share ideas, concepts, experiences, food and strategies. A small visit which served to position Spanish companies in a northern European design market and show Spanish expertise and design on a tour where the Spanish brand is ultimately the most favoured