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Spaces of socialization to free the mind

Spaces of socialization to free the mind

MAY 2019 | 3 minutes

Until recently, allocating a few metres in an office to a space where people can talk or relax was not a part of the plans in many companies. Now, these places are becoming essential for creating a team, a good atmosphere, promoting collaboration and a constructive exchange of opinions.

Sometimes the best ideas come from sharing an impromptu coffee on any given day. Personal relationships are the basis of everything: family, society and a company. A person who feels part of a team, listened to and valued can depend on their well-being and creativity. And that feeling of belonging and a team is not only vertical but also horizontal and cross-cutting, as it is influenced not only by the relationship with those in charge but also by other colleagues, by a personal affinity and trust in their work, in ideas and in the sense of responsibility of the rest.

This trust is unlikely to develop if personal relationships between team members are limited to morning greetings, a few phrases about the project they share, and a goodbye as soon as the clock says it's time to go home.

It is during breaks, when we get up to stretch our legs, when we change scenery, we create a more relaxed atmosphere and interact with members of our team, another department and even another company in a different way when we can find the key to what had bought us to a standstill.

When we free ourselves from our stress and worries, even if it is for 15 minutes over a coffee, and we discuss our personal concerns or what is happening outside of our workspace, closer personal relationships are created that also nourish professional relationships. And that can open the door to collaborations and new approaches.

The importance of these personal relationships is increasingly present not only in furniture design and manufacture, but also in interior design and also from the point of view of Human Resources. Taking care of people, team relationships and a relaxed and enriching work environment has become a priority for many companies, who know the return in creativity and success that this means. 

That is why spaces used for socialisation (a space for coffee, a play area, a shared terrace or a soft-seating space) are becoming more and more common in work areas looking to promote this well-being and productivity. Common areas that promote affinity, that allow us to get to know our colleagues better and their way of seeing life and working and that allow us, in many cases, to rethink our tasks in a new light and with the contribution from people we trust.

That is why furniture is evolving with these socialisation spaces, with versatile and comfortable proposals that manage to create relaxed environments enhancing comfort, be it ranges of lounge seating such as Bend and Longo or multipurpose chairs such as Whass and Wing, among others.

These personal relationships can be a lifeline to problems and a beacon to guide us when difficulties arise. And the basis for being able to all row in the same direction.

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